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Tobi P. ASC1 Alum

For our All Star Spotlight, we tell the stories of alumni who are daring greatly and celebrating failure as ASC graduates. Oluwatobi “Tobi” P., ASC1 Alum, shares his unorthodox journey which led to his being offered a software engineering internship at Facebook for next summer. Tobi had a slow start to his college career, but with help from ASC and his own pluck and determination, he has dared greatly and succeeed.

“I almost failed out of college in freshman year. I got denied from all software developing related internships in freshman year. I had to fit some coding into my research internship at Kickstarter, just to have something to put on my resume. I’ve sent hundred times more emails and LinkedIn messages to recruiters than I’ve heard back from. On the few times I received referrals, I’m sure I embarrassed the people who helped me almost as much as myself. I seriously considered if I was really cut out for Computer Science.”

Following several unanswered and rejected applications, Tobi P. managed to land an opportunity with Goldman Sachs through a referral from All Star Code and was determined to make the most of his time there.

“I took a notebook to work everyday and wrote down my tasks for the day, things I learned, and things I could improve on…from there, I continued to broaden my horizons. I leaned heavily on ASC for guidance and mentorship, purchased a number of programming and inspirational books, and worked on a side project, an iPhone app.”

Tobi continued to fully engage with his internship at Goldman Sachs in 2017, and had planned to pursue the chance of returning the following summer.

To his surprise, after several unanswered applications months prior, Facebook contacted Tobi for an interview for their 2018 Summer Software Engineer Internship.

“I averaged about two hours of sleep over the next week, with endless bottles of Sprite and many servings of Chinese food.”

Despite previous failures, Tobi took this opportunity as a chance to dare greatly and learn from his failure.

“I wanted to push myself, to see if its even worth a shot prove to myself I can really do this. I went in on the algorithms, recited runtimes from memory, and made sure I stayed as personable and communicative as possible.”

After two rounds of interviews, Tobi successfully received an intership with Facebook for next year.

Tobi is currently attending Williams College and majoring in Computer Science.