S4, E3 — “Jingle Bell Rock, Bitch”

I haven’t heard from my good girlfriend Tonya in AGES — so when she called me and invited me over to her place to catch up, I just had to hop my happy ass on over!

The outside of the house is absolutely gorgeous, but when I stepped in there wasn’t exactly any FURNITURE .

When I first started hanging around these ladies I WISH I would have had someone to show me the ropes, but Tiff was too busy being Queen Thot to care.

Tonya: “NOW... What’s this about men being horrible? Are you and Jack okay, or do I need come over and whoop his ass into shape?”

Maybe I do play a part in what Jack did... but this is a marriage, and the amount of sex you may or may not be getting doesn’t give you the right to wander.

Tonya: “Get on that! Marriage is about connection. You need to have a an intimate one. Once you it, it’s not the same.”

My name is Tonya Monroe, I am 50 years old and currently reside in Los Angeles, but used to live in Washington D.C. I’m currently battling a tough divorce with my soon to be ex-husband Axel Benson.

I divorced my husband after I found out he cheated on me with my sister. I was pissed as hell at both of them, but you only get one family, so once we talked it out, I forgave her.

Tonya arrives at a hotel, handing her keys to a valet.

Flying to and from L.A. and D.C. is an exhausting flight, and it sure as hell isn’t cheap. But right now this divorce is taken over most of my life, and it calls for most of my attention. Being cheated on, my attorney said if I play to the scorned wife it’ll make me look better.

Tonya is seen typing away at a computer.

Right now I’m working on a book about my husband cheating on me. I feel I need to share this story so that it can help me heal. And it’s also a guide for woman to help them find out if their man is cheating if they have that suspicion he is.

Tonya puts her laptop away and then heads to bed.

I’m meeting up with Monet today to walk Hollywood Boulevard, maybe do some shopping! The two of us are in such a good place right now, I just wanna keep this going.

Monet: “Hey boo! LOVE your hair!”

Tiff and I have had some major ups and downs, but we are closer than ever. She has really been a BEACON of light, love, and support since Charles passed.

Tiffany: “I just cannot believe Tre ruined something that was FOR you and SHE begged to attend! Have you talked to her since?”

Tonight’s the night of the big Christmas party and I’m living. The front yard, backyard, and house are all dressed to the NINES. Everybody and their mama is coming, so... let’s go!

Aaliyah: “Okay, so this party is big to me. I love you, but DON’T get into a fight tonight, with women or men!”

I asked Eric to come with me to this party as my date. We really hit it off and needless to say, I really like him!

This girl looks really polished. Is she sure she’s hanging around with the right group of women?!

Tonya: “Dr. Eric?! I can’t believe it! What are you doing here?!”

It’s so nice to see another older woman in this group. It’s no secret I’m the oldest in the group.

Elise: “You know her Eric?”

She has a children’s book. NO children. I mean, come on…

[Tonya — Confessional]

This Aaryn girl is not even 30 and already so accomplished. You would think she’d still be in college or paying off student loans.

Elise — Confessional

Men will do anything for pussy. I feel bad for Tonya.

Tonya: “Oh I talk to her. Family is all you have. Once I was done with him, so was she.”

I’m so sorry, but if you supported and WORKED for Trump... girl, maybe you deserved what you got!

Elise: “I’m so sorry, I would not speak to my sister after that…”

Family is important, and if you ain’t got family, you ain’t got s***!

Tonya: “I mean, it’s the man’s fault. He couldn’t see what he had and strayed. Men are trash, but women are not!”

Tasha hasn’t really had a chance to let Aaliyah know how she feels as far as I know, so it’s definitely all coming out tonight. Welcome to the clique, Tonya!

[Tonya — Confessional]

What kind of a grown woman yells at a woman to apologize? Maybe she’s not ready or doesn’t want to. You can’t force it out.

Tonya: “Can you lower your voice? You don’t have to YELL at her. How are you gonna get through to her like that?”

Tasha is really letting Aaliyah know how she feels, and Aaliyah is just sort of silent… then you got Tonya ass trying to get a cameo — girl, you look ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS.

Tasha: “Mind your business really.”

I think Tonya needs a reality check — this is a solid group of girls. If it doesn’t concern you? Stay out of it. Simple!

Denise: “Everyone be nice... Tonya can give her opinion too!”

Elise has been very aggressive since I walked into the party, and for no reason too. I simply said hello to your man and left. Simple as THAT.

Monet: “Chile, we were all standing right there when Dr. Eric said he don’t know you! I mean... Girl, he don’t know yo’ ass!”

Who is this little girl trying to start drama with me? Awww… You wanna tussle with granny? Girl bye!

Aaliyah: “We aren’t going any further Tasha. I will never, EVER apologize to you. I can be cordial if you can, but if you can’t? I’ll be paying you just like what’s in your bank account... DUST!”

Tasha and Tiffany want me to apologize, and I have no plans of doing that at all. She can be Monet’s bestie but f*** her.


Elise is really MAD defending what it seems like a liar and a fraud! I don’t know what group she rolls with, but I don’t want her anywhere near me!

Aaliyah: “It’s over now. It’s dead now. So if you don’t wanna be here you can go. Like get the f*** out my house!”

My Christmas party turned into the Christmas Party of Hell. It’s all because of Tasha. Monet rode for me like I knew she would. Tiffany... well, let’s just say our truce is over.

Tiffany and Tasha ride off in a limo together.

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