Everything you need to know about Twitter Moments.

I don’t know if you’ve heard but the Blue Bird isn’t flying so high any more. Stock prices are falling and Twitter is trying it’s hardest to increase user engagement and keep it’s baby chicks happy.

Enter Twitter Moments

You may notice a new lightning bolt symbol soaring around your desktop menu or perched on the bottom of your app menu. No, this isn’t a shameless J.K.Rowling plug, although the bolt does hold a little magic!

Twitter Moments aims to collect the most tweeted stories from around the world and coop (okay last pun I swear) them up in one spot. Split into five categories there is bound to be something that catches your eye.

  • Today is a summary of the juicy bits.
  • News, you’ve guest it, is world news.
  • Sports, self explanatory!
  • Entertainment covers your books, movies, music and celebrity gossip.
  • Fun is almost like your Buzzfeed for Twitter collecting all the weird and wonderful tweets globally.

Within each category you have different headlines ranging from Ozzy Rugby to Breaking News to how people are spending their Leap Year (that’s a thing now?!)

Within your chosen headline you find a collection of tweets from users around the world ready for you to scroll through at your leisure. Tweets are padded out and images are presented larger and clearer so no need to fear tweet-scrolling-migraines (am I the only one? C-L-U-T-T-E-R)

Without a doubt Moments belongs to Mobile. I spent hours going through each moment and swiping through the relevant tweets and GIFs and videos.

Very similar to Snapchats discover feature, your screen becomes hijacked by content and looking through peoples tweets becomes less of a chore and more of an enjoyable experience.

Unlike Tinder, swiping left won’t leave you feeling bad. Each tweet is devoted it’s own page with images blown up for your eyes to feast on. It really makes searching through Twitter a lot more appealing.

While I think it’s a nice feature to add to twitter I don’t know how it will help the platform. It’s basically a glamourized # search. And if these 10,000 character limit rumors are true Moments will soon turn into an RSS reader!

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