Confessions of an Ice-Creamaholic

Guys, I’m addicted. Send help. (Don’t actually).

Ok. So there’s something I didn’t tell you… I’m not proud of it but I think you deserve the truth. In my ‘All or Nothing’ article I failed to mention my heart is a little more divided than I first let on…

Much like James Potter, this love of mine came into my life at a very young age and swept me off my feet- but instead of with a broomstick lifted by fishing wire- it was with a sweet, slightly addictive nature that had me going back for more, and more, and more…

This was my freezer at one point…It was all gone within the month… That is not unusual for me.

So let’s take a much needed detour from the more juicy stories of my love life and talk about something a little more… creamy. Or dare I say dreamy? A special someone very close to my heart: Ice-Cream; A lifelong love affair of mine that’s finally reaching the tabloids. “I’m not ashamed- we’re in love and you can’t stop us Mum, Dad, brain-freeze, ever-dwindling bank account…”

(Although, that should be obvious…)

I’m a loyal partner. I’ve never cheated, never will and I’ve never thought about it or been tempted to whilst in a relationship- if those thoughts ever did come up, I would take it as a warning sign and either reflect on what’s missing in the current relationship or look within myself and my life in general to see what might be causing these unhealthy thoughts.

If the problem is easily identified and fixable- excellent! If it isn’t- well, I’d say it’s time to move on- and not while you’re with someone else. That’s not okay. Talk about it first, ensure they know where you’re at, and try to happily go on with your life in a way that doesn’t compromise your moral integrity or cause others to question your trustworthiness- let alone damage someone else’s ability to trust in the future. Trust is essential. As is honesty, laughter and loyalty.

Now, I’m afraid that when it comes to Ice-cream, however, my loyalty isn’t quite so stellar… Don’t get me wrong, when I fall in love with a special flavour: I’ll show it the love it deserves! I’ll shower it with affection- I’ll even bring it home to meet my family, but don’t worry, it’s only to say Hey- they know it’s mine.

And I know it might be feeling a bit icy at first in this new environment, so even though it kills me to be away from it, I’ll give it the time it needs to soften up a bit- while I slip into something a little more comfortable (my pyjamas) and we’ll be spooning in no time! I mean, there’s nothing I love more than to spoon Ice-cream! Even when it’s giving me the cold shoulder. Heck, if I had the choice, I wouldn’t spoon anything else- it’s my #1 flavourite food of all time, it’s Udderly Amoozing! Legen…(wait for it)… Dairy! Legendary, truly!

And even though it makes me sad to say… I know it’s getting spooned by others (probably Worldwide, of every age, most probably even at the very same time that I’m spooning it, making them just as happy as it makes me) and as much as I’d like to have it all to myself, the simple fact of the matter is that it’d kill me. Literally. Which I guess is why I’m okay with how things have come to be…

You see folks, Ice-cream and I have what is called an ‘Open Relationship’, where Ice-cream lets practically everyone in the World love it (sorry lactose-intolerance sufferers) and I ‘Netflix and chill’ with a couple of different flavours on the regular.

Of course, I have my flavourites (Cookies & Cream, Half Baked, Mint-Choc Chip, Salted Caramel Blondie and Peanut Butter to name a few)- but I’m always open to experimentation (Oh Pistachio, I was curious when I heard about you in Agent Cody Banks but you surpassed my wildest expectations. When we finally met- I can’t describe the experience as anything other than pure magic- you blew my mind and I’ll never forget you, I enjoyed our date at Gelatissimo last month- let’s catch up again soon, yeah? I know I’m swoonworthy (and you’re spoonworthy- heh) but maybe try not to melt in my warm embrace as much as you did last time- I know it’s Summer but I’m relying on you to stay cool, calm and collected, Mmmk?).


Simply put: I’m in love with Ice-cream and I just had to tell you guys before we delved any further into my love life, frankly because it’s actually quite a significant aspect of my life and I feel like you should get to know me a bit better before I share some of the more personal details of my life with you.

Also because I was trying to think what else I could write about on my blog that I have a great passion for apart from romance and acting and KA-CHING: there’s nothing I love to ramble more about than food (especially ice-cream) so let me know if you would like to hear my reviews, recommendations and swoons over certain foods (particularly ice-cream) because I would absolutely love to do that!

So if you want to hear S’more: Up next for my food-blogging adventures is My definitive ranking of Ben & Jerry’s flavours and how this sweet, sweet, wondrous Company made me cry over Ice-cream… (not the first time).

Sweet Dreams my lil foodies, Love Em xo

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