59 Coolest Android Apps For Your Small Business

Managing a small business is already hard enough without the extra stress of choosing applications to install on your phone.

And you know that there are millions of apps available in the Google Play store and it’s difficult to go through them all.

That’s why we’ve picked the most essential apps based on one general principle: they should make your life easier, not complicate it even more.


Effective communication with and within your team and clients is the #1 priority for getting things done.

You need to organize your contacts and e-mails first.

1. Keep your address book always updated with Addappt.

2. Smartly manage your e-mails with Blue Mail.

Connect with your clients and team with online video and audio calls.

3. Fuze Meetings will connect small business teams via HD video conferences and online meetings.

4. Enjoy free messaging, voice, or video interactions with Skype.

5. WhatsApp Messenger consumes a bit less space than the above apps, and does pretty much the same.

6. For extra safety, communicate with your team via encrypted messengerThreema.

7. MobileDay dials in your conference calls from your mobile when you’re away from your office or laptop.

8. Remember what you promised to do on the phone and record your conversations with Call Recorder.

9. Doing all of it will be impossible if your colleagues don’t have Internet — share yours via the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.


While managing a small business, you obviously have to do a lot of paperwork. But it’s the 21st century, use some technology instead!

Use mobile applications to create, edit and browse documents, sheets and presentations.

10. Create various documents and presentations on the go with the WPS Office app, a great alternative for bulkier office apps.

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