The Dark Side of Goal Setting

Romanticizing the future is a bad habit that distracts from the present moment.

If you are a goal oriented person it can be very easy to become so obsessed with the goal, that in pursuit of it, you start to hate your life.

Projecting fulfillment into the future only leads to more discontent.

The level of resistance I face with something correlates with how bad I want it, or ‘have to have it.’ Believing that I will be happy when… is when everything starts to fall apart.

That intense neediness and desire for something to happen tends to attract the opposite.

Viewing your today as nothing but a means to an end devalues your life. Today is not an obstacle to overcome. Thinking “If I can just make it through today, then life will be better,” will leave you waking up dissatisfied everyday, even if you do happen to reach your goal.

Your identity and self worth cannot be attached to the achievement of some goal.

Don’t lose today in striving for a better future. Be present as you work toward accomplishing your goals.

When you start to accept life, rather than resist, life become your ally, instead of your enemy.

Focus on the daily habits that will get you to where you want to be. Figure out a way to enjoy the process of achievement.

Things will start to flow much more easily when you take a more relaxed approach toward achieving your goals.

The harder you grasp onto something out of desperation, the more resistance you’ll face.