Men are paid more than women for the same work.
Mallory SK

Are you even listening to yourself? That anyone who disagrees with anything you say is being misogynist? I’m sorry but such statements are typical of brainwashed people. If you’re going to believe everything that comes from The White House without asking questions simply confirms you’re someone with no mind of your own thus you’ll just agree to everything that supports your movement (feminism) or comes from the White House. If you’ve never come across a situation where a woman is paid less just for being a woman yet strongly believe the notion that they’re paid less then you’re a manifest of what’s wrong with feminism.

PS…………..There is a difference between “Women earn less than men” and “women are paid less than men for the same work done”. The research you speak of confirms the former but somehow feminists twist it to fool people like you to believe the later.

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