Hi Allan, great write up.
Brit Cava

Hi Brit, thank you! So it really depends on your definition of “client” and “animated data visualizations”.

For example, back at the start of the 21st century, in a past life, I got to play with various software such as Autometric Battlescape and Falconview being able to produce “animated data visualizations” (actually they were either simulations, or replays, or used live streaming data).

Courtesy Northop Grumman

Another example of “animated data visualization” that I’ve been exposed to were two monitors in a NICU, when my daughters were born.

I really view anything that is using “live” data as “animated”. In fact, if you share that opinion, devices that move pixels around: Digital TV’s, phone apps, digital displays…they are all visualizations of data in some way.

A recent twist on this was the “Polar Clock” data visualization that Chris DeMartini built: I just did the webpage and the script.

I don’t think it will take industry and commerce long to wake up to the possibilities.

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