Let’s Stop the Wealth Hoarders
Joe Brewer

Wealth hoarding is for many not even about the wealth. We are all just playing this game of life and either win or loose!

Some like the trill of winning so much that they keep on playing at all cost. They are becoming better at the game than most other players and leveraging all their skills to keep on winning, as result they end up with most of the play money!

Others (like myself) just hoard resources to have (more than) enough to survive bad times. They feel they have to, since nobody will take care of all their future ‘needs’ and wants.

Most are just stuck in this game, forced to play to survive, month after month, not having time and energy left (or a clue) to become a better player.

To break out of this we need to design a new system that takes our human nature and cultural backgrounds into account. We need to designs that systems around and respecting our good and bad human sides; or it will fail again! The alternative offered not only needs to be attractive for all players, it also needs to make economical sense.

But i think that ultimately most people will refuse to change, even if they can see that the grass is greener on the other side. Most are already too much invested in the current game and scared to play a new one they don’t now (yet).

I think there is no cure for this cancer, the patient first has to die before something new can grow.

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