Campaign Release: Palazzo by FLOYD WONDER x Jeremiah Mayhew x Goat Island with Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Floyd Wonder — palazzo (Offical Music Video)

We are so excited to have partnered with award-winning director and visual artist Jeremiah Mayhew (Muse, Miike Snow, Macy Gray) and San Francisco-based boutique creative studio Goat Island Studios (of M/H – VCCP Group) to launch their new music video ‘palazzo’. Exclusive to Allauras’s NFT marketplace fans can now purchase the animated music video. The NFT Bundle also comes with three high quality 18" x 24" unique Palazzo poster prints, personally autographed by FLOYD WONDER. Click here to view the campaign.

Each NFT token includes a donation to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network also known as “PanCan”. One half of FLOYD WONDER, C.Todd Nielson had a deeply personal battle with Pancreatic Cancer when his father was diagnosed with the oftenly fatal disease. Luckily, C.Todd’s father was able to overcome the disease after vigorous treatment and chemotherapy, and is now healthy and has since seen eight years of clean scans. But C.Todd saw firsthand just how gruesome pancreatic cancer can be, and is now committed to helping others who face similar diagnosis and hardship.

The video blends 2D Animation, 3D Animation, claymation and cutting-edge graphical software editing techniques to immerse FLOYD WONDER fans into an unforgettable “trip” through a party-centric, wild weekend in a Las Vegas-adjacent musical fantasy palace. The Palazzo music video is a jaw-dropping, hilarity-inducing music video, full of visual eye candy in every frame, that illustrates FLOYD WONDER’s extravagant bathrobe-wearing party-first lifestyle in an uber-stylistic way.

While Mayhew led the charge creatively, he strategically enlisted fellow Goat Island animation artists Caroline Burke (Audi, Adobe, Pyrex) and Ijah Garfield (Microsoft, Lenovo, Bottlerock), as well as over 20 freelance Fivver digital artists from all over the world including Sri Lanka, Mexico, Pakistan, Argentina, and more. It was quite the undertaking, but by embracing the freelance gig-economy, all the creators were able to build a highly polished music video via the power of emerging digital collaboration tools during the pandemic.

About the Music:

FLOYD WONDER fuses hip-hop and party pop flair into one swagger-filled package. The party music duo consists of C.Todd Nielson and Greg Hvnsen, and have quickly gained attention after their music has been used by the likes of Netflix, Apex Legends, League of Legends, Samsung, NFL on Fox, Ron’s Gone Wrong (Movie Trailer), and more.

Their music has garnered over 11M Spotify Streams in under two years of releasing music together. FLOYD WONDER’s third EP will release later this year on Position Music.

Links to the Artists:
Creative Director: Jeremiah Mayhew


Additional Animation Artists: Caroline Burke and Ijah Garfield

Creative Studio: Goat Island Studios

About Allauras Foundation

Allauras Foundation was started as a way to assemble and empower a new generation of digital artists who have the passion to create impact through audio/visual experiences. We help digital artists reshape the limits with technology by creating a new digital art economy built around NFTs. The power of NFTs comes in the ability to align incentives between artists and their supporters; generating provable scarcity; transforming the world of entertainment, and blossoming an expanding economy for digital collectibles.

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Assembling and empowering a new generation of digital artists who have the passion to create impact through audio/visual experiences.