America, its time to pick sides, and wherever you end up, it has to be exactly where you will stay.
America, It’s Time to Pick Sides And Stay Divided
Ezinne Ukoha

Actually one of the few times I agree 99.9% with you- haha.. except for this.

We always have to give people the chance to change.. especially for the better.

None of us are immune from mistakes, from damaged thinking and impulsive , ignorant actions that we think are totally justified at the time…

We have to always allow room for apology, forgiveness and change. Otherwise we are just totally fucked.

Despite my past disagreements with some of your articles , I’m with you. I know as a white woman , I am almost in physical pain, because I am so frustrated, so overwhelmed with mental pain over what the fuck is happening in this country.

I can’t imagine what it would feel like to be black right now, and watch this shit happen.

Your anger is justified. Your pain is justified. It is a sane reaction to an absolutely insane fucking mess.

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