Sharia is authoritarian and harsh across the board. It encourages the harassment of the the LGBT community
My dear liberals, you are wrong about Muslims
Salma Sitara

Actually the prophet himself is quoted in the Hadith more than three times ordering gay people and trans people to be executed. The Hadith is what sharia law is.. It’s what they reference to decide on crime and punishment.

Islam has this thing called abrogation. Muhammed actually told his followers about it when he changed his mind about attacking medina, and offensive fighting / violence. And the direction they prayed to was changed from Jerusalem to Mecca. He changed his tune so bad that his followers claimed he wasn’t the prophet sent by God. He used to say that we shouldn’t fight unless attacked. He used to like the Jews and Christians. ( that was because he spent 15 years in medina trying to convert the Jews. When they wouldn’t convert and he was evicted from medina he went to Mecca and had new revelations that were the exact opposite of the teaching about violence. And the Jews and Christians and non believers. So he told his followers that God told him that any new revelation that he had , that contradicted one before — meant that whatever was contradicted , whatever became wrong was abrogated and now voided. His followers of course grew substantially as soon as he started preaching — Muslims have the God given right to attack, to kill, to steal all the belongings of and to enslave the non Muslims. Not only was it their God given right, but God actually loved the Muslims that killed for Islam and killed in the name of Islam more and you get to go to a special heaven and everything. ) the stronger that Islam became , the stronger the hadiths. So in Islam, there are abrogated verses. Most notably the verse of the sword. Which some people call the most violent ( it isn’t. There are many more ) abrogated all the previous teaching on defensive fighting. So muhammeds last revelations are regarded as the truth- unfortunately he became more and more violent and sexually driven as he aged and got more power.

So when people bring up verse trying to point to how peaceful Islam is, those verses aren’t even valid. And most of the ones they bring up were actually meant for the Jews.

Muhammed told the JEWS that if they killed anyone it would be like killing the whole world/ this was right before he was about to attack and sack the city. Which he did. The Muslims were told right after that sentence that they were to kill anyone who wouldn’t submit to Islam and Islamic law.

I’ve found after studying Islam myself that pretty much everything that happens in the Islamic world, is straight out of the Koran and Hadith. Muslims just don’t do anything that isn’t in there. They wouldn’t . They only really know the Hadith and Koran.

Like honor killings for example. Right now on the internet you can’t find one site that admits the truth. They are blatantly lying about Islam not supporting honor killings.


How do you think they started ?

I read it myself . Muhammed said — if your child disobeys you, kill them and pray for another. He said that. It’s in there. I read it.

Just like the execution for gays and transgendered and yes they are mentioned specifically by Muhammed, multiple times.

How Islam gets away with the blatant lies about itself is beyond me. It’s almost like the president is in on it. Because how else are any sites that have the actual verses gone? And the only information left is

Islam does not support or condone honor killing

Islam does not kill gays

It’s the biggest cover up I’ve ever been exposed to. The lengths that people in charge will go to make Islam look like something it just isn’t and never was. It’s been a slaughtering machine since its inception — Muhammed was a gifted military commander. That’s what history knows his as. That’s what he was best at. War. And he waged war on the world till his death. Islam just got bloodier after with the divide.. But it never stopped its primary mission, which is and always has been war. War till Islam is everhwhere . Islam teaches that the world will only know peace after sharia law is enforced everywhere. That’s the whole thing. The goal of Islam. And they have the God given right to kill you or make you a sex slave If you don’t submit to Islam. Period.

There is only one Islam. And people really need to study it and read the Koran and Hadith so no one can lie to them anymore .

Really appreciate this article. This is very brave of you.. We need more Muslims to come out and tell the truth about Islam.

I think sometimes the problem is , just like every other religion in the world , Muslims don’t even know what they believe in, or what the Hadith says . They’ve never read it. ESP western Muslims. They’ve just been told what to believe — they don’t actually know anything about their own religion or prophet.

Like when I tell them your own prophet attacked a camp and slaughtered all the men and boys and stole all their lands and property and enslaved the women, one of those women he forced into sex slavery for himself , she was forced to become his wife ( in Islam your sex slave is another sort of wife)

could you imagine having to have sex with the man that murdered your little brother and your father?

But that’s what Islam is.

I mean Muhammed beheaded almost 1000 people in one day. One freaking day. People that never attacked him. Only one of the battles he ever fought was a defensive battle. All the rest were just conquests. Slaughters. Islam conquered most of the world. From Bosnia to Indo. Africa and India. Islam went through with a sword.

Somehow , in the past twenty years Islam has become a “religion of peace” people think terrorist attacks started on 9/11 too. Honestly , terrorist attacks never stopped. I mean our founding fathers went to war with Islam — the Barbary Wars. Look up what our own founding fathers said about Islam. Exactly what it does to this day. What it is to this day.

I think this well intentioned liberal ignorance and blindness is also going to end up being the biggest mistake of the century.

This world is going to get real scary thirty years from now if we don’t do something. Real scary.

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