Do you have “proof” that Iran is seeking to build a nuclear weapon? Didn’t think so. How about “proof” of the number of people that have died under North Korea’s latest regime? What, no proof? Guess it didn’t happen then.
Lou, you haven’t “proven” my point false that Hillary is the most corrupt politician that I’ve seen…
Robert Barber

Actually yes.

Uranium is enriched, the atoms have to be split to create the order to make nuclear weapons and to get it to produce energy to power an electrical grid for example. … say the isotope of urainum when it is mined is at 2.233% , ( can’t remember exactly, I’m guessing here) so they have to enrich it to get it to have a reaction. And sustain its reaction.. Atom splitting, to create fissure , to get the nuclear reaction ..I know I’m explaining this badly.

For example , for nuclear power . It’s enriched to 5–20% , typically around 7–9% if I remember correctly. For weapons grade its enriched to 90% . 90% is the lowest grade needed of highly enriched urainum to produce the less soohisticsted nuclear weapons. To power a power plant youre not going to do that with urainum enriched any higher than 20%. And iran hasnt even begun to power with nuclear energy if i remember correctly ( which is what they claimed they were enriching uraium for) Iran had stockpiled ridiculous amounts of almost , highly enriched uranium ( the amount you need for a power plant is much much less) to 40–50% I’m trying to remember the proper numbers for this ) and to enrich it the one step further to be able to make it nuclear weapons grade is virtually pretty simple..

Basically there is absolutely NO reason why a country would have enriched uranium to that degree lying around except to make nuclear bombs.

Part of the agreement they made is to UN- enrich the stockpiles of uranium that they have , to a less threatening number , I think they have to get it down to 7%, I’m having a hard time remembering the exact numbers … been a while since I read it ) basically so that the uranium becomes relatively harmless or make it at least twenty years away from being a nuclear weapon,.. And they can actually use to to power a power plant and nothing else. They also have to get rid of the excess uranium they have. This process in itself will take years. Right now the uranium that they have is ten years away from being nuclear weapons ready.

I believe … its early and been a while.

To summarize, you would have to be a real dumb ass to assume that Iran wasn’t making nuclear bombs. It didn’t have that intention. It did.

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