You may claim to have knowledge about nuclear weapons, based on reading books and talking to…
Lon Shapiro

Agree 1000%, and it just happens to be very true in this case.

I think the problem is that a lot of people , young people in particular feed what they already believe to be true.

To find the closest thing to the truth , you have to feed the other side of the argument. You have to dig down right in the middle …

That’s what is missing. Our beliefs are formed from feelings, which are formed from our thoughts. Which are formed from experiences, and our natures.

Then we go out and reinforce what we already believe , by feeding ourselves information that just reinforces it… never contradicts it.

Seems he has done the same. Having some knowledge about how to enrich uranium is actually meaningless, when it comes to every single issue he is claiming to know about.

Under ground facilities for example, not detectable by satellite. There are thousands of possibles.. For Iraq to have had a nuclear plant.

This guy has no historical facts straight, he is just aiming at everything and the problem is, you can’t. There are details missing and nuances that were pertinent to the time that you can’t have a proper comprehension of what actually occurred with out them. Like when the USSR invaded Afghanistan..people talk about when we armed Osama Bin Ladin but they neglect to mention why. And how that happened.

Afghanistan was a democratic country. Not exactly normal , or our definition of normal but not the cultural nightmare it is today.

That country was invaded , a violent invasion.. Millions of civilians at risk. By our biggest enemy at the time. It doesn’t matter if we look back now and don’t remember the fear that stained this country during the 50s, and 60s, when school kids would have bomb drills, and lived in fear of living in a post apocalyptic world… because of Russia. It was there and yes. Had everything to do with why we did what we did.

You can’t look back at history and try to ignore those details or be ignorant of them.

You’re missing half the story. As this guy so obviously is.

I hate this latest generation. They watch way too much tv and movies and play way too many video games giving them this real fantastical hold on reality that is mostly just derived from media.

Like the 9/11 Truthers. Biggest idiots on the planet.

Our government just isn’t the huge bad guy people think it is.. Sure we have made mistakes and sometimes we have made huge mistakes. But our intentions, have been as varied as the people who work for us. It’s impossible to group them all into the evil basket … it’s also funny because so much of what they think of government does , is really Wall Street and the banks. If there are any real life bad guys, it would be them.

In truth, nowadays, our government is filled with the brightest minds in our country, people with families and lives that are a lot like our own.

The government contractors that would be the special ex forces elite army that would have been the guys to plant the explosive devices on the main frame steel beams of the WTC, ( after they took down the walls , remember, on every floor) ( those buildings wouldn’t have been able to come down by explosives if the explosives hadn’t been attached to the main frame pillars buried deep under the walls on every floor ) are men like my brother. Who would risk his life in a heartbeat to save anothers. These are the men that run into burning buildings and have so much more heart than the jack asses who write this shit, and are real life heroes. With wives and kids and unwrap Christmas presents from their crazy sisters just like you do.

It’s just ridiculous at a point the criminality that people assign to our government ..

There are real life crimes. That are far more benign I suppose happening at the hands of politicians .. Like not banning asbestos when they knew it killed people. Like the chemicals in our food and household products .. Like a thousand things , that are all fueled by greed.

I wish people would investigate things that are actually happening , instead of these wild, fantastical myths.

It’s scary to think that there are so many people out there who believe our government is filled with psychopaths. . It just isn’t.

GWB did what we wanted him to do. He went for blood. Everyone wanted it. Except a small minority. When he decided to ivade Iraq people started retracting from the idea, but he couldn’t very well walk into The UN and look at NATO and say

“ We’re pissed. We want to bitch slap the people responsible.”

He came up with the most reasonable , logical answer because the UN had been threatening invasion for a while because Iraq was breaking international law ( by not allowing inspections on their you guessed it — WMDs!) and the constant and numerous reports of human rights violations.

We knew they had a terrorist stronghold. We knew that Suddam was financially supporting terrorists. He made this public. Everyone knew for example he would pay thousands of dollars to anyone who blew themseleves up and killed a bunch of Israelis for example. Suicide bombers families were paid lots of money from Suddam.

The proof is in what happened. The war in Iraq was fought with the same terrorists that were there. The people didn’t like Suddam. We didn’t fight his army. We fought terrorists. The sad truth is, is that most of the Middle East is filled with terrorists.. Because that’s what Islam is. Please don’t comment on that till you read the Hadith and Koran.

It’s like Libya . People blame America for it being a terrorist stronghold. My dad actually worked for the government too. And was at the embassy that was bombed way back in the 80s, before and after, and my dad carried a loaded gun with him every day because of the threat to American lives back then by terrorists.. We didn’t make terrorists happen. They were already there. The violent dictators just kept them from rising too high, without that kind of repression they were free to roam. Islam has always been a terrorist threat from the moment that Muhammed left medina and went to Mecca. That’s when Islam became a terrorist army. Throughout history , it’s been the same exact story ( in fact Isis is trying to relive the “glory” days of Islam, retracing and reliving the exact actions of Islam originally ) with periods of peace ( meaning Islam stopped invading and attacking ) but mostly wherever Islam has gone, bloodshed and rape have followed. Muhammed himself beheaded almost 1000 people in one day. These are the details that are pertinent to having any kind of comprehension about these issues and their entirety. You have to have them or you’re just completely wrong about it.

The real stories you can hear if you listen, but you have to be open to them. People were there. People have seen with their own eyes. People know. But you have to look in every corner, not just the ones that look good to you. Look in the places that you don’t want to. That you refuse to acknowledge. That you don’t want to exist.

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