Dear White Editors, Stop Publishing Pieces That Make You Look Even Whiter Than You Already Are
Ezinne Ukoha

As I was reading this , I was thinking about how while you’re accusing the white world of imposing their culture and values on the black world, you are also ( defining white ) but -building strong walls around that black culture. Defining it with the loudest scream of antiwhite, when in this case “hugging it out” and being “sweet valley high” is white and being angry , violent and maligned is black. Both being an extremely prejudiced and biased idea for both white and black.

What is a world of true equality ? Is it a world without expectations, preconceived ideas about personality and cultural conditions without stigma , without rules ? Do you have to be angry if your black? Do you have to be poor and tough? Do you have to fight?

Is that really the black reality ?

What a shit sandwich.

So you’re telling me that if I get born black, I don’t get to hug it out? I don’t get to be sweet or gentle ? Not want to fight ?

What’s interesting is that you also hate us for those associations as you brought up with the death of the boy in the park who was thought of in those very same terms you’re demanding the world see — but not react to?


Seems really confused and like a death sentence for the life of a black person…

Cuz I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want to live my life bitter and hateful and have to act like life is a war and I’m here to fight everyone and I’m going to win.

But it seems to me like the biggest mind fuck and also its like — if that’s what being black makes you, how can you be mad at the world when it treats you like your dangerous ? Because guess what? Someone like that is. You become scary to the world .

You isolate yourself from society ( and ironically the best parts of society ) and make yourself a different species of human being. That should be feared and not respected, that is angry and violent and Street Cred shit and likes it. Is proud of it.

“ street cred” gets you to the end of the block. That’s about it. But don’t be mad at the world because it doesn’t want to live in the world of the mean streets. Or doesn’t expect you to “hug it out”, at least till you realize and celebrate that black can be anything , just as white can be. Black doesn’t mean any of those associations you relate it with.

When black and white are free of those kinds of ideas and expectations , and when the anti white hatred and resentment ceases enough to allow the black experience to include being a productive member of society and anything they want to be — kind, gentle , sweet valley high , all of it , without it being a betrayal to the race , and a subservience to the white agenda, we can start to navigate through a world that is truly equal. Where black is free to be human.

And. No. Im

Not buying any of it.

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