How to Be the Luckiest Person Alive, Again
James Altucher

Because when we are spiritually rooted and driven, the material plane isn’t where we live. In order to even achieve spiritual ascension, we must first loosen our grip on what we hold onto here, on the corporeal plane. If we can’t let go, we don’t go anywhere. It anchors us here to this place. This reality. This understanding.

Detachment is the healthiest state of being. Our egos are not involved and we are not afraid. Those are the only two obligatory emotions that remain affected when life doesn’t do what we want it to. In order to practice detachment , we have to have no fear , but we can’t achieve that with ego intact. Once we lose the ego, we lose selfishness , we lose dishonesty , we lose fear.

It’s a chain reaction of spiritual principles that enable us to remain unaffected by daily life.

We are no longer driven by the thousands of vapid virtues that motivate society. We no longer need anything except the contingency to be ourselves. Our vitality comes from this freedom we have found.