What does it even mean to believe another?
The worst thing I’ve thought is that God/Nature/Gaia is nearing another BigBang/Noah with us.
Anogoya Dagaate

For everyone it’s different.. This is what I need because I work so hard at finding my truth, which is a dynamic thing, it’s an oxymoron , for every one of my truths. There is two other that contradict it.

But I do know who I am..

I meant the assumptions we make.

About each other.

It’s that deciding who people are.

It’s the projection of who we are onto others.

It’s hard to explain , it’s like when we sit and talk to each other and we only see ourselves

Its the inherent selfishness in us that prevents us from truly understanding each other and stops compassion.

Its not taking everything they say as gods truth, that doesn’t even exist. Reality is just a collection of events and factual evidence , it’s what happened. Not intentions or feelings, which humans often confuse.

I can believe in who someone is, and know that they lie. Know that they are lying.

Even liars deserve to be believed.

Believing me transcends variables. Its a knowing.

Everyone needs something different.

I am driven to this because of who I am.. Just like all our needs are driven by who we are.

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