Why are Bernie’s horrible turnout rates among young people of color not used as evidence of him being a poor candidate that couldn’t connect with Black and Brown voters?
The Far Left Is Still Out Of Touch With Black Voters
Marcus H. Johnson

Hate to burst the bubble here…

I think the fact that black and brown voters went with Clinton and trump — says a lot more.

Bernie did as much as Clinton did around race.

I think, sadly , that in America we are trained to go for what looks the part … most of us aren’t educated enough to not be lied to. Unfortunately .

Because anyone educated about politics and what is happening in America and why — is probably going to go with Bernie. For one reason only. He isn’t lying. He is presenting solutions to actual problems , that we have.

I think that most Americans ( all colors ) are too lazy to dig and find out what is actually going on, or anything about these candidates . I think they go with who “sounds good” to them. Who seems nice.

I think probably the bottom line was, Bernie Sanders was too white.

Even though he obviously is the least racist of the bunch and is the most honest .. with the least corporate ties and the least money.

Elections are bought and sold and so it doesn’t really matter anyways, who voted for who. It all comes down to who has the most money. Unless you get an overwhelming majority of voters — forget about it. Whoever is the richest is gonna win.

That is another reason everyone should have voted for Bernie.

But that’s another story.

I think black and brown people just don’t want to vote for anyone too white.. they would rather vote for a snake charmer than the real deal because he is simply too white. And they wrongly assume because he seems so white — he must be racist and out of touch with race issues, when fuck… just look at his track record.

He marched with MLK.

Do some homework for fucks sake.

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