My argument isn’t focused on “not knowing,” it is focused on “expecting to be taught.”
The problem is the expectation
John Metta

Hmm… don’t make yourself a teacher then if you don’t want to teach.

And if they’re asking — that isn’t a demand. That is a request you can refuse ; no expectation in that.

I don’t want you to think I don’t think you have a point , you do, and I can see it. Any idiot can see it.

I think the solutions we all seek, are really so simple.

It’s just considering others before ourselves , and especially in situations where we might know more , or think we know more ( then it’s imperative ).

One side isn’t excused — the circle goes on and on if one side thinks they have more of a right to be considered. The only way we stop the process, is by stopping it. No matter how wronged we feel we are, or how devalued.

Everyone can easily believe that they are devalued and someone has or is wronging them.

That is so easy.

The hard part and really the only time compassion even counts , is when it’s hard for us to give it.

When we don’t want to be kind, when we don’t want to be patient , when we have better things to do.

That is when it counts.

Insanity is a cycle , and it continues around, and around — people pointing at each other and trying to get them to see when they are right and the others are wrong.

It never fucking ends.

Just round and round and round.

Sanity is when we stop trying to make everyone wrong , stop trying to get them to see how right we are, when we try to see where they are coming from, we stop trying to get people to understand us and we focus on them. We try to understand them.

Hardest thing to do and it is so simple ..

I have always been such a firm believer in being a student … in fact I think the smartest people in the world are the ones who continue to ask questions.


Because you can’t learn anything when you know it all.

People that think they’re brilliant — they never ask questions .. because they assume they know all the answers . To be able to ask a question is a really beautiful thing.

To ask a genuine question , because you want to be a better human being and you don’t have to?

To knock that process-

It’s vain and arrogant .

And highly typical.

I just felt like it’s kicking people when they’re belly up and that isn’t cool.

It’s just more of the power hungry bullshit that got us into this mess.

We don’t need more of that, we need less.

And it isn’t just you, it’s everywhere .

In fact I see it all the time from minorities …

Cashing in on everyone’s willingness to behave for once… cashing in on white peoples earnest desire to do better.

Power is addictive and it feels great.

But it’s seriously the last thing that is going to help us all heal.

I know black people wanna be angry and indignant and think they have a right to .. they finally get to and all that. But the reality is, that keeps us all sick, and now it’s really time for love and we all need to give up that power .. we all need to be getting vulnerable — we all need to be like the people that are asking you those questions .. we need to be humble like that to heal the wound. We all need to be more patient and more kind and more forgiving ..

All of us.

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