What is Good Corrective Action for Racist Behavior?
Emma Lindsay


Let’s see.

What combats racism?

In a child no less?

The reason the child didn’t stand in front of him is because he said the player looked like a monkey..

I think if I was that player . I would have got down on my knees and looked the kid in the eyes and talked to him.

I would have known that he might not understand what I was saying right now, but I would have hoped that one day he would have recalled my words and lived by them.

I would have told him, that my dad was white like him. And my mother black.. or whatever my story was... That we are all born with no choice in this matter. That the way we look is all different , different colors, different sizes , different ways to speak. That my skin color is a lot like the language I speak, different but exactly the same. That I am just like him, human..

I would have asked him why he was scared of me — when he told me because I looked like a monkey… I would have said , I am not something to fear .. I would have tried to shake his hand , maybe tried to kick the ball with him. I would have laughed out loud and said oh I would love to be a monkey! Sit around and eat bananas all day!

I would have tried to tell him how it made me sad , that he was scared of me.

I would have tried to show him, with my words that we are the same. That I was scared too when I was a boy.

I would have maybe asked him if I could buy him an ice cream. I would have tried to spend time with him. To connect . To play. To understand .

The child is blameless. The child is a product of so many things …

We have to address things like this with a human response. We cant be overcome with offense. We have to get down on their level and speak to them from there. We have to combat racism with humanity. Without blame, without accusation. Racism is just another form of fear.

Should we scream at a child who is scared of dogs?

Same thing here .. fear is only conquered with familiarity, with exposure to what you’re afraid of. With different experiences, to combat the belief systems in place, who knows ? Maybe he has a reason to be scared. Everyone comes with a story.

Outrage is just another way for us to distract from the solution, our outrage is just our egos on display, Our show of moral superiority , another way for us to be validated .. it’s not a solution. Although it feels good in the wake of injury.

The buck has to stop somewhere , and most times we just keep passing it off.

Face it. Dead on. Handle it right there . Combat it with sincerity, combat it with calm, combat it with love and understanding . That is truly the only answer. Nothing else will fix it, will resolve it. Everything else will enrage it, prolong it, sustain it.

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