Thanks for at least agreeing about Bush, even though you won’t admit he is far more corrupt than Clinton, and has done inestimable damage to this country.
A. I have been to Cincinnati, but chose not to stay.
Lon Shapiro

How much do you know about the Clintons?

Haha. But seriously , in order to make that claim, you have to at least do some research into the subject.

The reason why Clintons don’t have the same reputation as GWB, is because they weren’t as public and didn’t make such huge mistakes on such grand scale, although there were WMDs in Iraq , just not as much, and same, as people fantasized.

The fact is that Clinton is deep in bed with the banks and Wall Street. They are as corrupt as you have to be to be a successful political family. No better or worse than GWB, just different.

Clinton has a lot of power, with the media, everywhere. Its worked.

Worth doing some homework on.

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