Stop trying to hack your way to getting more readers on Medium
Darius Foroux

I agree, or relate I should say.

It used to really bother me how much focus was placed on attention. Readers. Approval. I mean, it’s everywhere. Read any article randomly and there are so many references to other people , not just about them reading , but just in an overall outlook with life. And personal identity. People don’t even know who they are without other people telling them. People are hyper focused on others.

I was actually shocked that people cared that much about it. I couldn’t fathom trying and caring that much about people paying attention to me..

Or more , I suppose , making writing so impersonal and so manipulative .. I think it’s almost a sin to turn out writing into something that is motivated by anything other than honest. Of course I know some people make a living at it. But on medium? It just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

I wondered if this latest and youngest generation is stained almost.. With the social media, the Internet, the bred-in voyeurism, and exibitionist, resulting in a subtle and unconscious narcissism. I think it’s affecting every aspect of the personality, and I believe actually changing the brain. Making it think differently. Making it grow and develop differently than it ever has. . I used to think people were dumber, now I think, people’s brains are just growing in a different direction that is pretty useless. Look at most of the content on medium; everyone can have something intelligent to say about other people.

Whether there is merit in being extra sensitive ( the inevitable consequence on being hyper focused on others approval of you) or extra critical ( the inevitable consequence of being hyper focused on others approval of you) who is to say? ( I guess, me.)

People have changed. People are different.

It’s funny. I think we had the best intentions.

I was watching 16 Candles the other day, and just watching that take on childhood in the 80s, seeing kids with headgear on the school bus ( in Southern CA, kids don’t ride the bus. Ever.) what parent makes their kid wear headgear nowadays? Never.

Kids are missing out… on a lot of painful experiences that help us not care about what other people think. Help us get emotionally strong. Independent. Every kid gets a trophy now. Every one is a special little snowflake.. It leaks ; everywhere. In us.

It’s creepy.

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