True, but they’ll probably be a lot less funny.
H. Nemesis Nyx

I always cringed when GB would speak… he just wasn’t a public speaker and Trump reminds me of him so much that way… just kind of stumbles around his words. And picks the weirdest ones.!!

I don’t think that GB was evil. I think he was like the trump family in that he never really had to accomplish anything . He was given it.

But that is the typical 1%. The kind of wealth we are talking about , it’s so far removed from who the typical American is. Its the kind of wealth that gets you out of drafts and graduates you from college when you vacationed in Bermuda the whole time. We just can’t relate. Thats why it’s so frightening that trump is wanting his kids in his White House.

Trump is just terribly afraid to be incompetent around anyone. He is thinking press leaks and bad gossip and being embarrassed bevause he isn’t that bright; just like GB. His kids will cocoon him in emotional protection and because he is a Narcissist, for him to be seen as incompetent or weak or stupid- that would send him into a rage . Especially at whoever thought it or said it.

I hope some policy or law steps in and prevents the complete trump take over of the White House.

I doubt it.

Money wins . In America , money wins.