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I can only tell you from experience ..

See I don’t identify as racist . At all. Ever . I wasn’t raised that way at all, quite the opposite , in fact my parents made it a point to teach me about how bad racism was. I think this is very common with a lot of people born after 1970.

So we hear about all this racism and “unearned privileges” and white supremacy and we are like

“ WHERE?!!!”

Because honestly, none of my white friends are prejudice. I have never seen a true act of racism.

Oh I was really thinking about it a while back and I remembered I was at a party, when I was about 20. And a guy there had just got out of prison and he started talking all this racist shit.

I don’t want to brag but I stood up on the couch and started yelling at him. I lacerated him verbally.

This was a “tough” guy. Tattooed and a guy who really wanted the world to know how bad ass he was.

So of course when I made him look like the idiot he was , he grabbed me around the neck and threw me across the room.

Years later that same guy approached me and apologized and admitted what a douch bag he was and said that he was just doing what prison has taught him and he was too much of a pussy to be himself ; which wasn’t racist.

That’s it. That’s the only time.

So when we ask it’s because we want to know what you see. How you see it. Which I have done before .

I’ve even been told on line that if a white person says they’re not racist that means they are.

Ok, so to me , that is bullshit. I call bullshit.

To other people on line , even talking or commenting about it means you’re a racist and so blind to your own supremacy that blah blah blah.

I guess maybe you could equate it to any other social issue , let’s take domestic violence.

If you were hearing about domestic violence all the time , on every news channel and feed , if you saw women burning down towns over it, if you saw women stopping traffic in the middle of rush hour to protest it.

Ok so unless you’re a woman beater you probably don’t know anything more about it than the stuff we all know. Men that abuse women. Right? Men that control them and stalk them and call them names , right?

Wrong. It’s so much more than that.

But what if women were to tell you that because you said you weren’t an abuser that meant you were? What if women told you that you are part of a cultural unconscious belief system and systematic identity and a societal construct just by being a man?

I guess it’s kinda exactly like that.

We want to know, we ask because we care . Because we want you to know we care . Because we want to help. Because we want it to end too.

Real simple.

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