To A Ennis regarding your response to John Metta ‘s piece, “When you walk into the valley” — Your…
Ré Harris

I don’t want to tell people how to feel.

I was saying that treating people when they come to you earnestly wanting to learn — like it’s insulting — isn’t going to solve the problem .

Not his problem. Or yours.

But societies problem. The race problem. The one that people are complaining about.

If you want to solve that one- no- if you’re complaining about the problem, then it’s only logical to be open to the solution.

Demanding that other people understand your problems — isn’t reasonable. Or even understand what you think is a problem. Being angry that other people don’t think there is a problem or feel the problem. Or understand the problem is just as stupid as telling people how to feel.

I was only trying to point out where the solution is going to be.

And yeah, maybe I was saying that knocking people for trying to understand and asking about your problem, is vain and arrogant . Especially when you posit it to society. Write about it. Put it out there.

It is.

At least I think so.

If anything — I mean , be grateful people still care.

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