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I feel ya.

I am there too.

Although I kinda hate to see anyone else there.

Maybe I should rethink it.

But I don’t think I’m as valuable as a writer like you is.

Personally I love reading about people. About their lives and what they think. Sure sometimes it’s not what I agree with, but you have to understand . Anyone that is offended because you don’t agree, is really really arrogant. With probably a host of other issues.

Our measure of offense is dependent on our measure of self importance.

If I remain unimportant, it’s hard to get offended. Because I’m just not that important.

I also tend to appreciate it when people mock me , or insult me , or just share their hatred or resentment for me on line. Of course it can hurt, but there is also something wonderful about being humbled. I have to remain humble. Sometimes throwing yourself to the wolves is a great exercise in humility. Because I’m not that great. I’m just another human being that makes mistakes and sometimes says things without thinking and sometimes I open up my mouth and insert foot. Sometimes people don’t like me. Sometimes I hurt other people’s feelings . Sometimes people reject me.

I guess what I mean is. We are having a human experience and it’s all a learning experience. The acceptance and love that I have to maintain for others and myself is a great spiritual exercise too.

There is something here in this life to attain that has nothing to do with the material / corporeal plane. It’s like a soul journey.

I think of those people that freak out and scold me like I’m 3, or call me names I can’t relate to, I think of them as Petty Tyrants. They are here to sharpen me like a knife. Teach me something about myself. To help me dissolve my ego. That wants to kill me.

If you stop yourself from sharing , you might stop yourself from helping someone, or teaching someone , or reaching someone.

Someone that didn’t hear. Didn’t learn, was alone before they read your post.

It’s so much more interesting when we share . What we really think and who we really are. Don’t let the Bullies of the world take that from you, or us.


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