The Worst Gay Man Ever
Sean Howard

I have a best friend I’ve known since I was 16. I met him before he was “out”. He is actually like a part of my family , my kids call him Uncle Nick. I actually outted him before he was ready and told me years later how devastating that was and never to do it again to anyone.

But he comes from a strict Catholic conservative family. He has 6 brothers. No one is gay.

He dated women.

At that point though he had come out to me, and was having sex with men he would never see again and never knew their name.

He wanted so so badly to be straight. He tried so so hard to be straight. He was in so much torment about being gay.

( I have no idea why I’m telling this story. Oh that’s right. I’m a writer)

I constantly told him it was ok , that it would be ok. That no one cared. I tried everything. Nothing worked.

After a horrible run with drugs and almost dying, he moved to Palm Springs with a man he met and fell in love with that sounds a lot like you.

He came out to his family. That has them both over all the time and loves them to death.

Both of them do not buy into the gay stereo type. They both could easily pass for straight. They don’t act gay at all except when my friend is upset. ( he will wave his hands around and have a gay freak out )

They explained it to me like this.

They love cock. They love men. Why would they want to be with a man who acts like a woman? Why would they ever want to be with anything resembling a woman?

They also had this theory . That gay men that act like that , harbor some desire to be women. I’m not sure what the politically correct term for that is right now. I have no idea if that is true , but it made perfect sense to me, when I analyzed it.

Makes sense huh? But again I’m not a gay man.

Thanks for the post.

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