Once we all calmed down I asked the blondie if he wanted to talk about it. He did. We went into a dark alcove by the bathrooms, lit by the white light of the exit sign, and talked for thirty minutes.
A Heineken with the Enemy
Kate Imbach

I have never had my ass grabbed and not punched someone. As my dad told me when I was about 16, If I turn around and there is 5 guys staring back at me? Hit anyone of them, they all deserve it.

So I always have.

My dad told me he would kick my ass if I didn’t …

I would never talk to any of those dipshits- you just gave him exactly what he wanted — attention .

Never give those asshats the time of day — after you hit them. Spit in their face and walk away.


PS- yes I love to scrap- and I am totally down for a fisticuffs , but not once have I ever had to fight any of those dudes. And the couple times ( 2) that drunk dudes did puff their chests up at me — I was more than willing to go a few rounds — but both times men stood up to back me up. Because there is always guys in be crowd that wont let a guy fight a girl. Yes- one time it was my brother , but In comparison to the amount of times I’ve slugged guys for grabbing my ass it’s nothing — and I would rather get my ass kicked than let anyone touch my body without my permission.

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