Hey Francesca

. I really appreciate the honesty.

I love truth.

But here is the rub.

See, I’ve been around the block once or four times and in all my fucking and throwing up, I’ve come to some different conclusions about love and life.

A long time ago, a wise old man took one look at me and he said

“”You better start learning how to love people , or you’re gonna die alone”

I was perplexed. On further inquiry he told me

“ I tell all the beautiful women I see that. Because all of you need to hear it. One day, real soon, your looks are gonna fade. You won’t have your sexuality to bargain with. If you spend your life , taking people for granted, you’re going to be really empty at that time. No one will want you because you won’t have anything to offer. You spent your time demanding to be loved your way, and never thought of others. You’re a taker.”

Yes I’ve had an issue with home wreckers since I could have sex.


Because there isn’t anything original in hurting people. Because there isn’t anything brave in lying.

To me. It’s like stealing which is my other pet peeve. I hate it because it’s done in the dark. There is something so pussy about someone taking from you when your not looking. I would much prefer someone looking me straight in the eye and telling me, I’m going to steal your purse . And at least giving me the chance to defend my shit.

People wanna be rebels , as the man said in his response

Don’t give a shit about those societal norms

and they think they are doing something so daring

Tell ya what.

When you learn how to tell your truth , When you learn how to live out loud

That’s when you start living. When you become free.

Lying is easy. Everyone can lie.

Being honest is the only real rebellion anymore.

No, I don’t think you deserve applause for being more comfortable in the dark, in your lie. Everyone else is too.

People are born with natures , our nature we can’t change , or outgrow. They rarely evolve. They just are. Who we are.

Women are vain. Women are living on a different planet than men. The only reason we don’t know this is because of our vanity. Our vanity is like our interpreter for man-speak. A man can say

“”You look great”

And our vanity will hear

“”You are the most beautiful woman in the world.”

A man can say, I’m happily married and I want to fuck you sometimes

And our vanity will hear

“ You’re so much better than my wife. You’re so lethally attractive and sexually appealing I can’t keep my hands off of you. You are the other thing I need”

I think any man , if he were to get honest would tell you, that any man who is having an affair with you , doesn’t care about you the way you think. He knows your vanity is the key. If it wasn’t you, it would be someone else , and he probably does fuck a few more than you. And he has them all believing a different story. Any man would also tell you, that he married the woman he thought was the best. He found his queen and married her . His reasons for cheating can be as complex as his insecurity around his wife, to his need to feel like he isn’t pussy whipped on her. But absolutely none of them , have anything to do with you. You as a woman , or as a person. You’re just a gullible target to him. You believed it. A married man will fuck free pussy 95% of the time. No strings attached . That’s hard to say no too. You could be 200 pounds and a 4 on a 1 to 10 scale and he still would do it.

He gets off on playing you. He gets off on you turning his free pussy into a romantic love story.

That’s the whole point.

That’s called being played.

You are the Player and he is the Coach.

At least , that’s what I think.

I could be 10000xs wrong.

I want to read the article that tells the story about how you came out of the sweaty closet

How it felt when you called up his innocent wife and told her while her kids cry in the background

I’ve been fucking your husband every week.

I want to see what he thinks of you then.

I want to see what you think of yourself.

I want to hear about the wonderful love story after the truth is told.

Because you know , you can’t say the wrong thing to the right man.

Hopefully one day, you will learn that when you lie, you violate POEPLE. You rape them of free choice. You steal part of their life away.

I won’t rip your covers off too hard. But women like you are all a lot alike.

I could read your mail, but I won’t.

Try telling the truth to the people that you’re lying too.

That’s living. That’s bravery. That’s rebellion. That’s saying fuck you to societal norms. Try that on for size.

Take a bite.

Maybe you’ll enjoy the wrath of you.

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