I think I’m prejudice against people with lots of money. Sometimes, honestly , I vacillate between loathing and hating them.

( Not all of them. Sometimes I love them. A certain type of wealthy person. One that is in denial of the system they profit off of.)

It’s so easy when you have tons of money .

You name it.

With money, you can do anything .

With your eyes closed.

It’s kinda like having a rad wife. A man can do anything with a rad wife. Couldn’t we all? I’ve often wished I could just have a rad wife too.

Here is the kicker.

People with lots of money, really think they have a tough time.

They think they struggle. They think they had down times and had to re start their lives. Or they hit the skids. They think they hit bottom.

They think they had some epiphany about life while staying at the Ritz Carlton hotel.

Its so fucking easy to be spiritual with money in your pocket.

Its so easy to get back up when you never fell down.

Its so easy to hit bottom in a mansion.

With money, anything is possible and its three thousand times easier than it is without it.

Without money, the entire world is a challenge .

Its hard.

Life is a pain in the ass.

Shit. You can’t even hit bottom unless you have a toilet to shit in and a bed to lie down in.

Without money, life becomes a chore.

Just living, takes effort. Add something really stressful and we are ready to commit suicide. We can barely hang on.

A movie costs more money than 30% of the country makes an hour.

It’s so hard to take anyone seriously, that has an excess of money, when they tell me about how they had to start over, or went through a really difficult time, or barely made it out. Or whatever.

Sure I get it. People with money have feelings. Feelings can be hard.

But I’ve never read an epitaph that said

“ Here lies Jerry. Who died from feelings.”

What gets me is what they don’t get about it.

The wealthy live on a different planet.

My family is pretty wealthy.

(They don’t share )

(Yes. I had resentments about this in the past. Yes I know I’m a brat to be pissed about it. Despite what people like to tell themselves about what they’re teaching us by not helping us, we don’t learn anything of value. Sometimes we literally can’t succeed without the help. I often wonder if Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg would be who they are if they grew up poor. With a family that couldn’t afford to buy them a computer. . Or send them to Harvard. )

I think the realty of it is that rich people are so accustomed to getting whatever it is they want, that when they don’t get it, no matter how insignificant and small to the rest of us, the wealthy feel entitled to get upset.

They can literally afford to. They don’t want to acknowledge real problems, that would probably break them , or send them to the looney bin, because then they would have to question their reality. They wouldn’t be entitled to their problems, like the dry cleaning not being done right. They would have to acknowledge the real problems of the world and if they didn’t do something at that point, they would be responsible.

Its funny because every single rich person I know has the “story” about when they didn’t have money.

They like to convince everyone that they have money because they worked really hard and saved it , or didn’t spend more than they have, or whatever else they can come up with to take the blame for being rich. That they somehow are exceptional people who “earned” the right to be rich.

(In reality, most of them had wealthy parents who helped them. )

Wealthy people really think somewhere deep down that wealthy people deserve money, more than other people.

I tend to hate it when i am forced to sit for a new rendition of when their parents didn’t pay the rent for them anymore. To challenge them for three months. Or when they had to actually get a job. Or when they were first starting out making more money than most of us do now.

See there are wealthy people who weren’t wealthy at one time. Who used to be dirt poor. You probably don’t know any under the age of 60. But they do exist.

( People think that a lot of people started from nothing and made it. This is simply not true. If your parents made a lot of money, and supported you through school, and during college , you are privileged. More than most. If you had a parent that you could call to ask for financial help after college, or helped you get into a place, bought your car, gifted you $10k to start your money market fund, invested in your start up, whatever. You didn’t start with nothing. You had an amazing hand up. And I’m glad . Seriously. I love it when parents help their children and think they should. We would all be more successful if we had wealthy parents that helped. That’s not what this is about.)

I know one guy, who is a blatant narcissist , who likes to think he “worked his way to the top”. He is one of those people who blames the lack of financial acumen on the person who is poor. Trouble is? His family owned race horses. Race horses. Do you know how much one of those costs? More than a house. Millions of dollars for some of them. He was never poor. But he tells the same lame story about when his dad kicked him out and made him get a job. Like that was working really hard.

Funny thing is, thirty years ago starting out he was making more then, than the guys he hires to work part time for him now. Sad isn’t it?

The guy is one of the worst human beings alive and doesn’t even know it. He has a foundation that has never helped a family that is a minority. He has never helped a single mother. Or anyone that can’t afford a funeral. Or that he wouldn’t approve of. The last family that he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for? A cop who was shot in the line of duty. A family that won’t have to worry about funeral bills, or medical insurance. They get that all taken care of by the state. Another family who doesn’t really need it.. But one he sees as “deserving”.

He is a horrible person because he spends thousands of dollars hiring a personal driver, but the people that work for him, and do the most work, can’t afford to live. It’s the typical American story. He doesn’t want to acknowledge what he can ACTUALLY do to create change. He doesn’t want to see anyone suffering. He doesn’t really want to know how he can help. That could challenge his world view. That could prove him wrong. He needs to constantly prove to himself that we are poor because we failed. Not because the system is fucked. Not because we didn’t work hard enough. And definitely not because he doesn’t want to pay us. In reality, most of us work harder than he does. And everyone that works around him works harder than he does.

Why do I hate him? Not because he is rich. Because he has not a clue about anything other than himself and his life experience, which is typical of the wealthy. Although they also try harder than everyone else to “relate”. They over compensate with people. They try to make it seem like they really went through it. Really bad. No one else does that. No one else tries to build a bridge from us to them. Ever notice that? Only the over privileged will try to convince you they get it. Or they are on our side. They are the only ones that are obsessed with relating to everyone they can’t. Or Captain Topper, topping them in every way. ( I say I couldn’t pay my cable bill this month, he tells me about how he went without electricity In college for a week)

It’s like even they know deep down inside that they have it easy, and subconsciously are trying to prove that they actually earned their shit they know they didn’t. They don’t want to admit it , and they don’t want to see the actual struggle that they profit off of, and that makes me crazy.

I’m not talking about the rich people , like guys like my dad. Who grew up in between Watts and Compton in Willowbrook. His mom didn’t have enough money to buy his lettermans jacket. They were


And he actually did make the papers when he went to college.

“Local Compton boy goes to Annapolis “

( he went to Compton high) The thing about people like that, is that they usually are either even less tolerant of your pain, or more so. But the main difference is, they know what the fuck pain is. They know how hard it is. They don’t ever minimize it. Or pretend like they have it. Or went through something worse. They talk about it and see it clearly. They kept up their ties to the ghetto. We grew up there too, in a way. In every country, we were taken to the slums. My dad made a point to introduce us to all walks of life, all types of people. He forced on us a universal world view that excluded no one. My dad would rather eat dinner in a family owned diner in the neighborhood than a fancy five star place. They appreciate how hard it is. They can’t forget the struggle. The one thing I never hear of my Dad doing is complaining. He knows he is blessed. It’s like the guy can’t have a bad day. You will never hear him talk about how hard his life is. Or was. Ever.

So, what’s my point?

My point is that I really am very jealous of anyone that has an excess of money. That doesn’t have to worry about money. That money isn’t a problem for.

Im wildly jealous of all of them.

It’s not funny how rich people are also the most selfish people around.

I’ve been around more generosity driving down to Cabo , sitting in strangers shacks eating their rice and beans than I have at a thanksgiving dinner with more money than i can imagine having.

Yes I am a bitch. I know that. I know it’s horrible to be the whiney asshole that complains about her family not helping her.

This isn’t about now so much as before. Because I’ve been in some places that were so hard, and so cold, and so poor, that there isn’t an excuse in my mind for my family. How could anyone let anyone they “love” suffer to that degree, in self righteous glory? I’m not sure.

But that was a while ago now, and my resentments more stem from the economy. My resentments have transferred to the wealthy 1% of this country, who are just as self righteous and just as selfish as my mother was. Except they don’t have the mirad of personal resentments and issues that my relationship with my mother had. They don’t have an excuse. Why they are not helping the rest of us. Why they are continuing to create laws and legislation that makes our lives worse and their profit bigger.

It was a seamless transition I admit.

You know what is most fucked about this?

Even if you make good money , for example the people that make between $95,000- $200,000 . They get taxed the most , out of everyone. They get taxed at 28% in the state I live in. ( if they got any bonuses) They get taxed more than a millionaire. Sure it seems like the rich get taxed more. But that’s a lie. Not when you consider how much more money they are making, in relation to the tax.

Why did they do that?

Regeanomics. The entire concept behind that brilliant idea was to lift the tax burden on the wealthy, and apply it to the middle class. Their thinking — their brilliant deduction was that if the wealthy made more money, they would give more of it away. “Trickle down economics” that’s it. That’s what it is. Writing it now gives me a hearty chuckle.

Yeah, that’s not what happened.

In fact, what happened was greed. Pure, unadulterated greed. They wanted more and more and continued to take more and more from us. And pocketed it all.


Why are the elephants and gorillas still struggling?

I know if I won the lottery , the first thing I would do , is buy up the elephant migration land. I would build fences, for these endangered species, I would hire armed guards and pay for them myself. I would build watering holes. There is so much wealth, that it seems like this wouldn’t be a problem still. That these magical creatures would still be slaughtered. These innocent animals that feel pain. That remember , that suffer psychological effects from the damage that man inflicts on them.

It’s so easy to solve that problem with money. Yet, it persists.

Isn’t that ridiculous?

Come on Mark Zuckerberg. Save the fucking elephants and gorillas please.

I just sometimes want to tell these people , why don’t you at least try to learn what it means to struggle? Why don’t you try to find out what it means to have to try to be happy, or not have the money for life's needs.

But the only way you will do that, is if we start to exist to you. If you come and mix with the animals like my dad. Come down and visit us in the ghettos. Come see what our lives are really like. Come meet us. Listen to us. We have to matter to them.

This isn’t about us. It really isn’t. It’s not like that Prick of a boss that only shares his foundation money with white people who don’t desperately need it. This is about them. This is about the wealthy being people of substance, of generosity, of caring about the rest of us.

Like Bernie Sanders.

He is wealthy. But his entire life he has given to fight for us. The rest of us. That have literally no voice in Senate. In Congress. We can’t afford the lobbyists to pay off the Senators and Congressmen. To get what we need. The wealthy are absolutely steamrolling the country, and no one can afford to do a fucking thing. And if the wealthy don’t care about the rest of us, we are doomed.

We see it now, every day. Like Regeanomics is the perfect example of what the wealthy will do if given the opportunity to share or profit.

It’s not because of us. Because we don’t work hard enough or are bad people, or have no class, or didn’t go to college. It’s because they are selfish assholes who don’t think more than half the country matters because they don’t make enough money to.

It’s just my wet dream talking now, because no rich person will ever be without their money.

The poor will always be more generous because they know what it is to suffer. What it is to be hungry.

Maybe the point is that it’s hard to hear the wealthy talk about their “problems”. When the reality is they don’t really have any, and the ones that they do have, will be , of course, short lived because they all can be fixed by money or at least significantly helped by money rather quickly.

Stop acting like you have problems like we have, Or they are even one tenth of the same problems of the same magnitude we have.

The rich don’t and never did. Their problems are a temporary setback. A frustration .

Their problems are more like temporary step sideways , because they are not “step backs”.

Pain for a rich person is inconvenient. When the wealthy feel pain, it’s about getting it out, or over it. Being productive again. Being free of the pain. They can afford to feel things. They can afford to hit an emotional bottom. You’re trying to tell us how you “got back up” after you never really fell down. Their money allows them the unique experience of never having to be sorry to anyone. Or be wrong.

Let’s just admit it. When the wealthy write articles or self help books, it’s not practical for the rest of us. We can’t do whatever they did to be a better person or more brilliant . We can’t even afford organic blueberries. Let alone you know, taking 6 months off to regenerate. Or restructure the company differently. Whatever. When the wealthy write self help advice, it’s to show off. That’s it. Also to make money, which seems to be their universal motive for everything. The only lesson the wealthy have to teach the world is that unique perspective of never being truly wrong. Just basically changing perspective, so that your not wrong. Ever. Never having to face yourself or listen to anyone. That lesson doesn’t work for the rest of us. It just breeds narcissism and apathy in regular people. Because we have to be accountable to people. Our lives depend on our relationships with people down here in the pond scum land of poverty.

I’m being harsh.

No wonder Jesus hated rich people.

The more I learn about the economy the harsher I feel.

In today’s world , lives depend on the generosity of the wealthy.

I don’t have a lot of love for the wealthy. I don’t think there is any excuse for the world being so sick, for so many problems with the majority of people , with so few holding the worlds wealth. More money than all of us combined.

The elephants and gorillas are still dying.

The rainforest is still being logged by Wall Street. Not the locals who depend on it for food, for economy, for shelter.

It’s fucking Wall Street that is destroying the rainforest. It’s the World Bank that has caused more civil war and deaths than any other government in the worlds history.

I smell a revolution coming. Every great society, ancient culture was eventually destroyed by the income gap.

You keep starving us, and this country will fail. You keep hoarding the money, and this country will end.

Better hope the poor stay ignorant. That they keep reading your self help books like it matters. Like it can help them.

It’s just bad luck that most of the poor and middle class are just sycophants, willing to do whatever the wealthy want , buying whatever they say, listening to them still.

We have to stop listening to the wealthy. They are conning us.

This might sound unreasonable, my expectations might be high. But unless they have an established track record of taking care of their employees and unless everyone who works for them is also successful, and living a comfortable life they can afford, and their family is successful, they have nothing to offer us. If a wealthy person does not positively affect everyone that they are directly related to, they are a failure, in my eyes. A “successful” wealthy person will have successful relationships with their family, who is also prospering, with their employees, who should all be prospering , and living a comfortable life that they can afford. There shouldn’t be anyone around them that is struggling , while they are literally bathing in money. If people working for them are miserable , and not able to pay bills, they are a failure to me. For me, this is totally realistic. You can look at some CEOs, and see it. Take Chobani yogurt. Recently the CEO gave every single employee a 10% share in the company. That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars. Per employee. Guess what? The CEO is still prospering. Still Wealthy. He just made everyone else wealthy too.

If they don’t know how to make the most minor and obvious changes that would impact the world right around them, they are not a success.

Like the CEO of Yelp. Remember Talia Jane? That CEO is an abject failure in my eyes. As a human being and as a boss. He should never write a self help book. Ever.

Ok rant done.

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