The difference between “I disagree” and “You’re wrong. (or I’m right)” is just a little perspective shift, in my opinion.

I think it has to do with so many things. I think it has to do with core self esteem. Personal security ; knowing that you are not affected as a person if someone brings a different point of view, or adds to your own. It also takes a certain amount of intelligence to comprehend that you don’t know everything ironically. That in order to learn you must first not know the answer . You must first be open to information. New and different information.

This is utterly astounding to me and I can get quite sad about it.

It’s not a rare thing these days to just decide to not believe in well documented facts, forensic evidence , empirical evidence ; reality. People choose to ignore it and it’s supported ! !!!!

We’ve almost contributed to this phenomena.

Everyone gets a trophy.

The narcism of social media.

The conspiracy theories .

People watch more movies and play more video games than they read books. I think they tend to develop fantastical thinking. Life is the movies or TV.

It’s an attack on the person to disagree with them.

I’m not sure but also, even when a parent saves their kids from accountability. How many parents have I met that think good parenting is backing their kids up, even when they are wrong? Just that, leads kids into a false reality, and teaches them they don’t have to learn how to be honest or respect the truth.

It’s systemic also. Corrupt governments. Entitled greed. Violent authority. This teaches us we can’t even trust authority to make right decisions or model them for us, in place of absent parents.

What about the church scandal ? They are the “moral authority” here in Boston, where I live , the church is ingrained in the community.

Irish. Catholic.

Everything has been tipped on its head.

Just a few decades ago, the press worked hard to keep leaders lives private.

JFK , MLK, for example. Both great men. Both adulterous men. No one knew about it.

Now, we dig to make sure people’s dirty Laundry is out. We don’t have heroes anymore.

It’s so many things.

But another great thought from you.