Opinions about Trump and what he stands for aside, i would point out that he was dramatically…

I think it was won with back door deals and snake handshakes.. the same way everything gets done in Washington ..

Sure trump paid for his own campaign and didn’t raise as much money as Clinton, I don’t think any of us really know what was spent where. I just don’t. There is so much back door dealing and behind the scenes meetings and scheming .. there is no way we know.

When Trump first announced his bid for President, I predicted that he would win. Why? Because of the way our government runs. Everything runs on money. How do laws get made? Lobbyists pay off congress to introduce legislature. And then lobbyists pay off senate to get their support. Its all made perfectly legal too. With Citjzens United now, the businesses and corporations can act as citizens and pay off senate and congress too .

I knew he would win because he had the money to win .. I knew he would win because of the business contacts he has around the world and within the country ..

Lots of people think the Iraq war was started to make two people and their friends rich. GWB and Chaney.. oil , right?

So now we elect a guy who has so many business objectives in so many countries around the world. This guy knows every hedge fund manager on Wall Street. The capacity for wealth is almost limitless for anyone he picks. Mind boggling kind of..

It was easy to predict his win, knowing American government and politics , there was no way he was going to lose.

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