Keeping it in the Family
Faye Alexander

I think of this as I do any consenting adult having sex with another.

They have every right in the world to do what they want.

No one has a right to tell another adult what to do with their body. Or their hearts. As long as it’s not hurting anyone , or illegal.

This should be a no brainer.

Why people feel they have the right to condemn or critique, arrest anyone for their personal choices is beyond me.

It doesn’t matter if I agree. Or approve. Of if I would do it or not.

Life is too short and we need to give people the freedom to do what they want.

I also found the fact that her dad would be arrested and she wouldn’t disturbing.

I don’t think either of them should be arrested , but if they are going to be, both of them should be. That’s definitely biased.