Goodbye and Thanks for all the Grossly-Overpriced Kippers
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

I think this will be great for England. ( just in my very humble , humble opinion) I think England will be doing better than it has in decades because of what happened yesterday.

The markets will be fine. They will bounce back next week.

I kinda thought that it was the wealthy entitled people ( people like investment portfolio managers and stock market kings ) who were trying to scare the shit out of the rest of us ( like they always do) and are trying to get the poor little people to do what benefits them the most. So they tell everyone — the market will crash! The dollar will go to low! Inflation won’t rise! We can’t charge you more interest! And poor people buy it because they are afraid and no one really knows what wil happen.

But I think business will boom, and the little guys will be the ones to finally make a profit. The poor and middle class will be the ones who benefit from this.

Business will soar. The market will be restored , no problem/ and probably be rising again.

I think this was great for England .. I think it’s a great time to buy stock too.

Just give it a month.

I’m real curious to see what Scottland will do now.

I just think with the current state of affairs and everhthing that’s going on this was the smartest move England could make.

despite what the billionaires are saying.

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