When you say ‘every single country on earth’, don’t you rather mean ‘industrialised country’?
Regis Hastur

If I was referring to healthcare — America really is the only planet that doesn’t offer free or low cost healthcare to it’s citizens. It’s the only country in the world that has made a prophet off our health and or sickness. ( as far as I know )

We are the only country in the world that will tell you to your face your kid can’t have a lifesaving transplant operation because that is considered an elective not a necessity by the insurance industry. sure I know some countries are too poor to offer their citizens healthcare — ( ironically because of our banking and financial industries ) I’m a nurse and I’ve had to actually argue with insurance companies to get my patient with Lou Gerigs disease a commode.

( It’s like a science fiction movie. Why would we ever do this to ourselves? Most of these laws and stipulations get voted on and decided on by our state representatives who are being bought off by lobbyists, ( which is perfectly legal , and with the passing of citizens united , corporations and businesses can now pay off our congress and senate ) like the house bill right now they are passing under our noses to cut off funding and the nutritional standards act to our public school students and give private schools the same amount of funding as public school kids have in the form of vouchers. I mean who wants to lower — erase the nutritional standards for our children’s lunches at school? ( the food industry who would be saving a lot of money) but would any of us ever vote yes to that? No. But that could quite possibly pass. Right under our noses. )

It is also the only country in the world that advertises medications. Commercially. We also have the most people on said medications too. Psychotropics included. Most people with mental health issues and anxiety issues. Most obesity. All of that is very true last time I checked.

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