Colin Kaepernick has pissed off America. Good.
Thaddeus Howze

I’m gonna green heart this, because I admire how you think, I admire your gumption I admire your balls.

But there is information in here that I contest. That isn’t factual. That is contorted … by your opinion.

LIke for example you writing that the legal system was designed so that we could go after black men and imprison them because we couldn’t force them into slavery anymore.

That’s a stretch, if not really almost arrogant ..

There is a major disproportion of minorities going to prison — and stuck in the system. Why? Because of money. The poor can’t afford lawyers and the poor get fucked. Black, white, yellow and orange.

That’s just one thing out of many.

It’s gonna be cool, though when we can all drop the rhetoric we’ve been taught and seriously go after the truth , that isn’t tainted by outdated belief systems and prejudices. On all sides … when we can truly unite and point the finger at the actual enemy … because yes. They have distracted us, for good reason.

When you find out what’s really going on, you can’t stand it. With numbers, undivided, they couldn’t stop us.

It would be a cultural revolution.

But for now, the division is working. And we are fighting battles in wars that don’t exist.

But nice article I liked it anyways.

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