you omit the 1950–1960 dip in rents, then everything before rent control in 1979 starts looking more like a plateau. Here’s his first chart again for good measure.)
A guy just transcribed 30 years of for-rent ads. Here’s what it taught us about housing prices
Michael Andersen

It gets very sad when you realize that when minimum wage was created in 1938, at $2.38 an hour. ( that’s what some waiters and waitresses make today)

Housing has gone up by over 600% with “inflation” and our salaries ( remember now 30% of the country makes around min wage wages) has actually gone down since 1978. These are the years 1978–79 when the banks started introducing new laws… they wanted to end the cap on interest charges. Before that everyone and every industry had an interest charges cap. They couldn’t charge more than idk can’t remember the exact amount / I think the most they could charge was 8% interest. So now remember in 1909 the banks did the exact same thing. The lobbied for deregulation and got it… this also led to the Great Depression. We didn’t have any systems in place to help people so when they lost a job they went hungry. When they couldn’t pay rent they were homeless. After the Great Depression they regulated the banks again. They started welfare and food stamps and over time and labor laws. Unions. Weekends and time off. Min wage. Age limits. And America rebuilt itself. We rebuilt ourselves because people were making a LIVING wage. When min wage started the typical house cost about $2000. So you see the ratio there? Now, the actually national min wage is $4. States have made their own but If you look at CA for example, which just went to $10 an hour in Jan 2016, but before that I think it was $8 or close to. Now look at the average cost of a home or to rent. You can’t afford a life. And that’s not what min wage was intended for. Min wage was meant to be a min wage needed to afford the basics of life and prosper.. That’s not what it is and has been since the late 70s, when min wage stopped growing .

They sell us a story, about how business owners will go broke. Developers will go broke. Real Estate Moguls, those poor guys will go broke.

It’s a lie.

They charge those rents because people have to pay them, and they have no choice. I know people in San Francisco make $12 an hour. Thats the typical low paying job there. Is that any where in line with rents ? Fuck no. No one can afford to live there if they make less than $150,00 if that. Probably closer to $200,000 and the income goes up with each kid they have.

This is a system that was designed and plotted by politicians and banks that are so ensconced and twisted together that it’s laughable when you find out … the constant bedding of Wall Street, and the banks — it’s the politicians mistress and they fuck them all the time. A great article about this is written by Chris Arnade who is an ex broker on Wall Street.

They know we have no choice and they also know we don’t have enough money to buy them off or to get them to fight for what we need. Anyone that does have enough money to buy a politician doesn’t give a shit about normal peoples predicaments or problems. The system is air tight and its total elite financial fraud and its set up to continue to reward the rich and sap the poor.

What’s really pathetic about it too, is that the wealthy pay less taxes and the middle class gets the heaviest tax burden on top of all of it.

So while the family man making $250,000 a year gets taxed one point lower than a person making a million a year which is 30% of their income … how can you survive even making $250,000 a year if you have three children? Living in sf? You really can’t without being broke .

We can’t buy into it. That’s the thing. We can talk about it, we can support it if we want to, we can applaud the system if we like…

Just don’t pretend it’s something other than what it is.

They could have made it completely different , like the great socialist president we had in 1938 ( thank god we had a socialist in office or else I am not sure where America would be today. ) they made people , the American people more important than money… thriving became everyone’s right. The grocery store clerk could buy a house and send kids to college in the 70s, and what happened when the banks became deregulated is just real simple … greed. It poisoned our entire political system. They systematically went after every single socialist institution that protected and ensured the working mans success and ability to provide. They created the best PR campaign that has people still convinced welfare is a huge drain on our budget when in reality all the welfare programs make up less than 4% of our budget.. They have people convinced like you are these extraordinarily wealthy people will go broke — if we make money to live.. To survive comfortably. They have the working class destroying unions — saying that everyone can’t get hired when they exist. Or that free trade will create business and jobs and opportunity , when they knew the entire time what they were really doing. In fact there entire goal was to get more cheap labor jobs for $3 an hour and that’s why they introduced the bills in the first place that were sponsored by the wealthiest business owners and biggest corporations in the world and our country.

Meanwhile? They pay zero taxes. I’m not exaggerating. They pay zero taxes and take home billion and trillion dollar refunds that we foot the bill for -

But the single mother on welfare going to school full time is the REAL problem right?

More and more its the wealthy and the poor. It’s infected every aspect of our lives and every facet of this country.

Poor kids don’t get art or music anymore in public schools… only the wealthiest school districts get a drama program or art classes or music.. And even then, a lot of times, the parents pay for those to continue .. The middle class isn’t able to get the scholarships to go to an IVy league school, because it’s based on parents income , many middle class students can’t afford to attend without a scholarship.. It’s actually easier to go to an Ivy League school the poorer you are. But if you look at the school districts in our poorest neighborhoods and the crime rates the influences , the parents… it’s almost impossible for a child to figure out what they need to do enough to do it, while surrounded by that mess.

America is going down. In thirty years if this system keeps up its going to be a even more stark divide , and it will be even more the rich are in power and controlling everything from our wages to the laws..

The bottom line is, they don’t pay us living wages because they don’t want to.

The family that owns Wallmart ( one of USA largest employers ) for example? One of the richest families in America and one of our billionaire families.. They have an excess of a billion dollars each ( siblings ) and they can’t pay a living wage? They can’t give health insurance ?

What are we smoking? Of course they can and could. They just don’t want to. Because they don’t have to. They even have half of America cheering them on chastising the few that say they deserve more pay. They are just laughing into their 100 year old cognac. Trust me.

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