I’m not being facetious, but it sounds like you should move to Sweden.
Gene Black

I’ve actually already looked into it!

I want to more for my children , I want to raise my kids in a culture that promotes individualism and appreciates the authentic self.. where ambition isn’t as prized or needed. Where I don’t have to teach them the “game”. Where I don’t have to raise a salesman to ensure their success in life.

Also it would be great to never have to worry about being homeless, going hungry or getting sick. Where I don’t have to worry about not affording my kids education. Or my kids ever being hungry or homeless. Or the electric bill.

Where I don’t have to worry about paying for child care. Or organic food or chemicals in all the products.

Where I can walk into any government office and ask to see any document anywhere from any time about any subject and get it within a day.

Where the police don’t wear guns.

Where there is no private school, because every kid gets the same education.

Where every employee . No matter how long they’ve had a job, or what job they have get an entire month off of paid vacation.

Where I only work 30 hours a week.

Where I get two hour lunches.

Where I don’t need to work two jobs . Or save up for retirement.

Yes… I have dreamed about it, and looked for work.

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