And there were the sexual controls. White men objectified and raped Black women at will, while promoting the myth that white women’s purity was threatened merely by the gaze of a Black man. This was particularly useful as a means to control both Black men and white women.
It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

Im a direct descendent of William. There is another story there. The people loved him. The poor people loved him. That might have been why they were willing to speak his language . But oh well.

I’ve always had issues with this sexualization of the black race from way back to this paragraph.

Rape is a big deal.

Not every man can rape and not every man did.

Not all salves were brutalized … there was a far larger movement of white people who didn’t approve of slavery at all. ( who were willing to risk their lives to end it. And please don’t tell me the civil war wasn’t about slavery. Of course it was. More than half the country made it illegal. That’s a big movement. And they had already made it illegal to ship slaves in from other countries.)

The Cotten plantations were the roughest to work. Often slaves were sent there as punishments after they ran away or something else.

If you go to the south, the people there still know the plantations that had cruel masters. It was a small minority of places even though slavery is cruel. But they were infamous. And rare.

But you also have to put this in context with the rest of the world. And what was normal. Slavery was happening everywhere . European ports were the first slave auctions actually … and a state here in the colonies was the very first to ban it.

Slaves came not as slaves as first but indentured servants. Being a slave for however long your contract was for and then getting a plot of land and a house and a trade that you learned from your master. That’s why we had a large population of free blacks, who also happened to own salves at a much higher rate than whites. In fact , it’s only about 4% of whites owning slaves and 30% of free blacks owning slaves.

Why? Because slavery was so common in africa and the Middle East — well it’s still common there . Indentured servatude is alive and well in those places . To this day. It’s written into law in Islamic countries. Any house servant in a middle eastern house today? Indentured servant.

I am not defending slavery but these articles and your anger make it seem like blacks were the only slaves and only slaves in America. That every woman was raped and everyone was beaten.

Slaves were everywhere and the first indentured servants to be sent to the states were 30,000 Irish. And I have a sinking feeling that possibly , those same men raped the Irish women and sexually abused them as much as they could, and at an even higher rate than the black woman. Just a guess though.

*by coincidence I read something the other day about the first Irish slaves. Who were actually sold much cheaper than their black counterparts . Irish women/ slaves were bred with African slaves to produce a cheaper slave, the half breed. The practice was so common that it was actually outlawed , to force a Irish women to breed with an African man for cheaper/ more expensive off spring. So yes. The white slaves were sexually brutalized as well. *

My point? Everyone could be enslaved. And everyone enslaved was brutalized by the sadist population wherever they were. This was not a special thing just for blacks. The sexual abuse of slaves goes back to the Roman Empire. I think there will always be people who enjoy hurting other people , and when they are in power, everyone hurts. Not just the black man or woman. Everyone.

I just don’t buy into the whole black race is sexually appealing to everyone because they are black. And because they have these sexual stigmas that are clearly lies. Like the big dick of a black man; lie. Like the black berry pussy of a black woman; lie. Sort of like how Asian women have different vaginas than other women. It’s just not true. And the only people that benefit from those old myths are the people who keep repeating them. Sexual deviancy isn’t limited to the black race. Fat women get it. Kids get it. My point is? People have fetishes. That’s not a common thing. It just isn’t, sorry.

It was worse in the Middle East and Africa and any Islamic country. Because it’s legal there to this day. It’s written in their bible, the God given right to own humans that are not their religion.

America wasn’t the last place to outlaw slavery either .

Do Jews have a reason to be pissed? How about the pagans? Who were systematically hunted down and murdered if they didn’t convert.

We all have lots of reasons to be pissed.

The Jews I admire so much. They have been far more prosecuted in the 20th century than any other race to this day. They were rounded up. And taken from their children and wives and husbands and parents and exterminated , experimented on, raped, forced to do hard labor in the snow barefoot and everything they owned was taken from them. People are still alive that this happened to. As opposed to the black man who if he is alive , never met anyone who even knew a slave.

( Civil rights? Yes, that sucked. The gays just went through it. The trans community still is. The world can be a painful place. )

Still to this day, hatred for the Jews and anger at them. Far more than the black man or woman.

Instead of it being a justification for anger and resentment and destruction and murder and poverty and the list goes on… their experience became a source of national pride . Strength. Determination to succeed no matter what the cost. And yes , it’s a legit comparison.

Prejudice is never going away. Everyone has to deal with it . No matter what color shape or size they are. Everyone gets to deal with judgement and prejudice.

Can we talk about the elephant in the room?

No. We can’t. So I will skip it.

But I will say this. That when the world sees you burn down a town before all the evidence is in, we don’t respect it. When we see you refuse to admit you were wrong when the evidence is in? We don’t respect it. When we see you continue to claim things that are outright lies ? We don’t respect it. ( and when I say we, I am not excluding the black race. Because I know there are a lot of black people that agree with me about this at least.)

When we continue to read assumptions and really looong reaches to put dots together that equal racism — like asking where you’re from, or being attracted to you. Or liking game of thrones and not liking hip hop, or smiling at you, or not taking your order fast enough, or pulling you over for a fix it ticket , or asking why you seem upset as forms of racism- we don’t respect it.

When we see you demanding that money be funneled to you because you’re black? We don’t respect it.

But most of all. When we continue to be accused of things that we are not guilty of, we stop listening. As an individual. We get angry. It’s also a form of oppression. You should understand .

( like me. Having the balls to write this. Everyone will call me a racist. I’m not at all. People will actually tell me that because I’m willing to say I’m not a racist- that makes me racist. And because I wrote to you without difference to your race — I am a racist. When in reality , this is what equality looks like.)

And most of what I hear about racism is that. It’s an assumption, based on made up facts or a made up story, all equaling racism.

What’s funny is that real experiences with what could be interpreted as racism ? Get ignored for the most part.

It’s like black people are now dismantling what we do to overcome racism as a form of racism, at least that’s what ive seen the most.. It’s when we truly ignore the color of your skin that you hate us the most. It’s when we truly treat you as equals. Without any special treatment or preference. Without any obligation to the color of your skin..when we aren’t afraid of you,

That you hate us the most. And call us racists the most.

It seems like , a lot of black people want white people to tap dance. They want us to treat them with kid gloves and give them all the room in the world to not overcome their history or choices , they want to be treated with difference. They want us to be scared of them. In check. Buttoned up.

And a lot of white people are more than happy to oblige. Like on medium. They will green heart any thing you say, as long as you're black. or gay. Or a feminist. Or trans. Or a Muslim. ( must be nice)

That’s not equality.

That’s bullying.

And that’s a bunch of sycophants.