Twitter allowed the harassment to continue and sent a message that this behavior is acceptable on their platform. By responding by saying that the account wasn’t violating any rules, they were gaslighting me.
Blocking isn’t enough.
Kelly Ellis

I’ve never heard of an actual rape victim being threatened with rape before they were raped .

I’ve never seen a rapist actually even admit he raped someone , have you?

The rape threat was a bad joke, in this case anyways. Meant to get your goat . And it worked. It wasn’t a direct threat. It was a joke, in poor taste.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I also don’t think that he directly threatened violence against you. Which is what their policy on banning or blocking or whatever the Twitter terminology is , says about that.

It’s like everything else. Wanna get a restraining order? You have to qualify for one. If you don’t meet the qualifications , then you don’t get a restraining order. I don’t think that this guy met their qualifications. He is just the run of the mill troll. Happens all the time. To everyone.

Yes it sucks that there are men out there that make jokes about rape. Or killing baby seals. But at the end of the day, is someone who actually does, worth this much energy?

I don’t think so. The guys a pile. But the world is filled with them.

Next time just call his bluff .. Or ignore them, and see how fast they scurry away. They thrive off of attention and fear. Just like all the monsters in the dark. They wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for people who made them bigger than they are. Made them real.

He isn’t real. He is just a monster in the dark. Easily dispersed of when you flip the lights on.

But I think what happened here is every trolls wet dream.

He actually became someone , with some power. To effect people.

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