I Got Fired Two Days Ago
Bauce Sauce

Loved this and it’s so true.

Corporate America gives not one fuck about you.

That’s the new reality.

Your job used to be your second family. Your job used to be your second home. It was a lifetime relationship that you could retire on, where your best friend usually worked too.

This is all symptomatic of the politics today. CEOs are not hired to take care of the employee. They are there to pander to the board and stock holders. They are there to make investors rich.

It’s been this way since the 80s, Right after they started making laws that made elite financial crime legal. When greed infected the American people.

Now we all expect to be miserable. None of us expect to retire . Benefits? It’s rare when they are good. Usually our pay, if it’s good, means we are waiting to get fired. Because they are replacing higher wage workers with part time or lower wage workers or even a desk in India.

Our bosses have become the people we hate the most in the world. Our work has become a horrible place that we can’t stand and that doesn’t care about us either.

It’s from the top all the way down.

If we try to make things better or lodge a formal complaint , ( remember Talia Jane?) we are labeled trouble makers and fired within the hour.

Welcome to America . We offer the lowest wages. The worst benefits , the least time off, the longest work weeks, no retirements, and we make the most money. .if you don’t like it you can fuck off. We can always get someone cheaper and more willing to die early from stress.

( and half the country thinks it’s a good thing)

I’m glad you got fired from your shit job.

Good luck and thanks for posting!