I doubt you are responsible for this.
Barbara Alexander

No… actually they are trying really hard to not publicize it. For example, in Sweden its illegal for the newspapers to print the name and nationality of the rapists because they thought it was causing prejudice.

And the bombings, beheadings, rapes , riots, arsons, shootings, murders, assassinations, the child brides , have caused some prejudice. Women have to wear rape alarms in In some parts of those countries, in Sweden, Norway, Belgium, some parts of the cities close to the immigrant neighborhoods women are told to wear them all over Europe.

There is lots of prejudice now for Islam. For Muslims.

Remember all of Africa except for one country is Islamic dominant. So people think it’s a black thing. It’s not. It’s an Islamic thing.

I have so many friends from Denmark in relationships and or married to black men. They think nothing of it. Race just doesn’t matter . What does? If you’re from Africa or the Middle East.

I get it. That’s still technically racist.

I want to make the argument that it’s about cultures. The Danes have a healthy anxiety about Islamic culture.

Have you ever been to the Middle East or Africa ? I have.

I can see the beauty ok, with different places and people. I am part Arabic actually. But I do too, have some abhorrence towards Islamic culture. It’s everything i do not believe in. And although I know that not all Muslims are jerks, I also know that what that culture believes in, what it supports makes me sick. Literally. Sick.

Just tell me… for example. What do you support about islamic culture? What do you think is great about it? What are the good points about it? What do you celebrate about Islam?

I can think of one thing. That Muslims are totally accepting of other Muslims . That’s it. But the foundations of Islam? Poison. For the world.

Why would I ever support misogyny? Child rape/ forced marriages ? ( which Denmark had a huge problem with) honor killings, bigotry, oppression, women having no rights / being the property of men, murder , dishonesty ,

You can scoff but have you actually read the Quran, and Hadith? Do you even know what it says? That’s the other thing. Danes are educated. Much more educated than Americans — most people in other countries are ( America is the least educated out of the industrial world) they don’t just make assumptions. They read , they find out. I’m 100% positive that if you actually read the Quran and the Hadith that you would also believe like I do.

Muhammed even taught Muslims to lie. I mean everything we don’t believe in. Their concept of morality is our concept of evil.

Why don’t you read it and then come back to me and we can talk as two people that have all the information they need to comment on this.

It’s a healthy prejudice is what I’m saying. It’s the same as me being prejudice against people in the KKK. Or neo nazis. Or anyone that has a belief system that is harmful to people and the world . I see no difference in my prejudice against Islam and my prejudice against Neo Nazis. Or members of the KKK. That kind of thing is banned. Why isn’t Islam? Islam is worse than those. Muhammed actually told his followers to kill, to rape, to steal. He said God loved Muslims that killed and raped and stole more than those that don’t, and the ones that do kill and fight for Islam go to a special heaven even. And the world is going to get more and more prejudice towards Islam the more they get educated about it. Islam won’t be able to lie to people . They won’t be able to tell us lies about what Islam teaches and preaches.

Which is what they do now.

Honestly when people try to defend Islam, to me it’s like they are defending the KKK. Or the Nazis. Same exact thing. Most of them do not know what they are defending either. I’ve never met or talked to or argued with anyone about Islam who had actually read the Quran and Hadith. It’s pathetic . But Americans especially argue for something that they have no idea about what it actually is. They just can’t imagine a religion teaching evil. They don’t want to be mean or seem like bigots. But my god. Look at Islam, look at it. Look at what you are supporting! Just because the Muslims family down the street is nice and don’t seem like psychopaths doesn’t mean that Islam is a good thing. Those same people believe in some really whack out shit. Why can’t we say that? Why can’t we support what we believe in? And no, I would never harm a Muslim or be unkind to a Muslim because they were Islamic. But I won’t pretend to support what they believe in. It’s crazy. It’s fucking totally nuts. How can anyone? Because you don’t know what it is. You’ve never read it. You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about, that’s how.

What happened when the guy shot up the gay club?

“Islam doesn’t preach violence towards gays!”

Direct lie. To our faces. Muhammed said to kill gays and trans people even more than three times.

Just this last two months, do you watch the news? There has been a terrorist attack almost every day for about a month in Europe. It’s getting bad over there. Denmark suffered terrorist attacks too. Politicians that spoke out about Islam, were murdered. There have been crimes that are unforgivable and they just keep coming.

It’s really America that needs to wake up. Hopefully it will before it’s too late as it is in Europe . But not for a few places , like Denmark. They refused to keep up the facade. They said no more. We are not losing our country to people who literally shit in our streets ( they do shit outside) and just trash our country.

They are a socialist country. Immigrants that come there live in exclusive apartments and just live off the money that Danes make , they don’t work , they just soak it up. They also randomly attack and try to implement sharia law and put loudspeakers on their cars and drive through the streets with their prayers blasting through them.

Fuck Islam. Seriously.

I say that also believing that Muslims are the first victims of Islam. Islam is a poison, and it’s ruining the world. It has to go.

I know there are Muslims who are not murderers rapists and thieves but they also are not practicing their religion. So..

I know that it can’t. That I don’t have the right to change the world. All we have the right to do is protect ours. To ensure the survival of my culture and country.

I really believe Islam needs to be banned in every western country . We need to send Muslims to Islamic countries so they can practice their religion in peace — also muhammed said that Muslims must follow sharia law. Where ever they go, they need to force people to convert , to kill them , steal their property, enslave their women and take over and make it the land of sharia…

I want the world to just leave Islam alone. We don’t go there — we can’t , really. It’s very hard. It should be the same with us. They should not come here. I mean when you think about it, why would they? Come to a place so drastically different than their countries?

The mistake is we think they are running from their religion. Their culture. They aren’t. They just want money. Some of them are running , and those are the ones that hate Islam too. But most want to continue being Muslims and just bring Islam here.

Islam and the modern world are not compatible. They just are not. In any way. They see us as corrupter and we are . Everything we are is against their religion.

We just need to seperate from Islam.

Why we suffer through any terrorist attacks at all, is beyond me. When you really think about it. How people can twist their minds into believing that Islam has nothing to do with it . How they work so hard to be nice to it. It doesn’t work. At all. We need to give it up. Let them go and get rid of Islam completely. Before we are all living like Israel does.