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No judgement but I am a little unclear.

You sound as though you just talk or type to them.

But the Crux of the relationships are sexual right? Like you take off your clothes and masturbate , right?

Prostitutes have long been talking or conversing with clients. In fact a great prostitute will be just as skilled at conversation as sex. The high paid ones have to be. The wealthiest men in the world hire them all the time. You wouldn’t know they were a hooker or just a beautiful wife from the looks of them.

I understand where you’re coming from and I have known more than one woman who made her money through and with sex. All of them do the same thing.

My stripper friends tell themselves they are in charge and they are the ones playing the men.. Hustling them.

My high class prostitute friends tell themselevs they are business women and they have financial agreements with these men. Some of them tell themselevs they are basically girlfriends ( don’t have sex with out getting paid for it) that demand some cash every time they see their man.

But at the end of the day. It’s still the oldest profession in the world and until you stop taking money for it, that’s all it is. Yes prostitutes can tell themselevs that they are the greatest packages and they deserve the money — a man wouldn’t pay $500 an hour for a cheap fuck he couldn’t talk to.. But it’s still just prostitution at the end of the day. Which I think should be legalized personally.

I think though that it’s OK for it to be what it is. It’s fine. Lots of women out there , do all of these things and get nothing out of it. I think it’s a smart choice for some people , I really do.

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