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Anogoya Dagaate

Oh it’s ok…. I think that I hate actually having to have these arguments. It’s not driven by hate, or malice. It’s really motivated by care ( even though I cringe when I say that) I hate telling people that what they believe in is wrong… I don’t want to do that. And if no one was hurt, or tortured. Or oppressed or in pain over Islam, I wouldn’t.

But right now, all over the globe women are especially. I think that with coconut Muslims, the ones that were born in the west , the ones that haven’t exactly read the Quran or Hadith, just taught it by mom in the kitchen, sometimes or dad, they’ve grown up maybe with strict parents but were afforded a freedom that many Muslims do not have.

She doesn’t know that right now women in Iran are fighting , to change the burka laws and to try to change the modesty police ( yes they have an entire police force dedicated to make sure that women are dressed modestly) that stop them as they are walking or shopping or going to work. Arrest them, barge through their doors to come and get them, imprison them , where they are tortured , some of them raped, all for not wearing a covering. Not wanting to.

Little Muslim girls are posting videos of themselves dancing and taking off their burkas in defiance. Dancing with glee ,

They make me cry… when I think of the women and little girls who are so oppressed and will never know real freedom. It’s heartbreaking to me. There are so many little Muslim girls that have a strict dad, that won’t ever go to school, or work, or even get to read … we can’t ignore the multitude of problems and evil, that Islam is just because the Muslims here in America don’t have those problems

They are just lucky that our police don’t enforce her religion. And I wonder how happy she would be about being Muslim if she was in Yemen, or Iran, or Afganistan, or Saudi Arabia or Kuwait, or any country that does. The women there are just glorified slaves. They don’t even have the right to divorce their husbands or get the children if their husbands do divorce them. They have no property rights or financial rights except for the amount of money ( one time payment ) promised them on their wedding day , if he should leave her. No kids, no property, no money, Plus the shame..

Shame is the biggest word in Islam. In a Muslims woman’s life. Shame is everything and it is everywhere.

Do nothing to shame yourself or your family… it hurts to think about it does..

Its crazy because I have this love for Arabic women, I feel a closeness to them, a connection. Because I am part Arabic and because my moms side of the family lived by a lot of those traditions and cultural aspects of being middle eastern.. I get it . I do.

I think I might have been overdosing too on this whole white male overlord that is responsible for all of our problems and oppresses us bullshit.

It’s ironic that a Muslim woman would consider the white male as oppressive — it’s also interesting .

Yes I see her point.. And for a Arabic woman that privacy and that assault is paramount. In Arabic culture men aren’t even allowed to touch or talk to women they aren’t related to. Unless you have to. So that is a huge HUGE violation. Plus we are extremely private people. Public scenes for a woman is amount to dishonorable and ….crazy. i get that I do.

But sometimes we have to be like an eagle, not the mouse. See the bigger picture.

But to make it this symbolic oppressive western thing, is just too much.

I know not every Muslim practices their religion, they don’t believe that gays should be executed for example. They want to think of Islam like every other religion , want to modernize it and do away with the things that make it so evil.

But they have laws in Islam to prevent that from ever happening . In Islam to change the Quran or Hadith , to alter it or edit it is a crime. To go directly against the words of the prophet is a crime. It’s also saying that the prophet was wrong, and that’s a crime. Its also saying that he wasn’t the prophet of God, and that’s a crime. Those are all punishable by death.

In the west , with Muslims who didn’t have to study the Quran or Hadith, or live by Islamic law, maybe it is possible for them to modernize their religion or let go of the parts that have been proven evil.. But that would be going against their religion. It makes much more sense to just quit being a Muslim, again that’s punishable by death and I’ve heard horror stories of Muslims in America no less , of what happened to them when they did that. They lose their whole families to start with. At the very least..

I think Muslim is a cultural identity and not a religion to many people. The people that aren’t Isis. The people that don’t believe in terrorism or honor killings or death to gays or woman as property. Or even Islamic law. I’ve talked to Muslims who don’t like sharia and think they don’t need to. They can be Muslim without sharia law.

Which is laughable if you know anything about Islam.

There is no difference between Islam and sharia.

This is so much bigger than that beach, and that woman and that cop, this is so much bigger than that ..

I actually just looked this story up. The cops made her take off her blue head scarf that’s all. They didn’t make her take anything else off. She didn’t get naked. Or show anything other than her hair. Her head scarf was removed. That’s it.

That is the law in France.

So would it be a violation and humiliating if the cops forced people drinking a beer to leave the beach or throw their beer away? Sure! I’m sure the people drinking beer on the beach could have written something similar. Medium would be the place to do it too.

See Muslim woman are raised to believe they are responsible for the families honor. For their own honor as well. When a Muslim woman is raped, she is responsible for that rape. Because she must have bewitched the rapist enough by showing her arms or legs, or laughing or talking to him or smiling at him ( all dishonorable things)

There is a quote of muhammed saying that women should cover themselevs so they are not molested. Women are often compared to black dogs in the Islamic books, seen as a distraction and like almost a black widow kind of thing., seduction and manipulation and sort of as these overwhelming sexual objects of desire.. Like if a man saw my hair he wouldn’t be able to control himself, and would have to rape me.

Her piece really shows that she believes that. That those four French men, driven mad with some fetish sexual desire , forced her to remove her head scarf and went home and jacked off to it.

It’s the same exact thinking that has kept women suppressed for thousands of years in Islam. Everywhere actually.

See it’s the thinking and belief systems that need to be rooted out.

Yes I wouldn’t have done that to that woman, I wouldn’t have been one of the people laughing or telling her to go home — I would not have enjoyed watching that at all. Her child was crying. It was a terrible scene.

But then again, it was the firm hold onto those archaic belief systems and buying into the scam they’re selling you that made it such a horrible scene.

If you see it without any belief, or opinion, it’s a woman breaking the law and forced to stop breaking the law. Cops doing what they are paid to do. And citizens being assholes as usual.

That’s it.

If you want to wear a burka or a hijab , don’t go to France where it’s illegal. It’s very simple.

I love people I really do. And even though I didn’t agree with this piece it was beautifully written.

I know I’m wrong when I want people to wake up from their dream.

Sometimes I am wrong. But I’m also I suppose to stubborn to watch 300 people support absolute insanity.

Yes, I guess we can all have those feelings of whatever we want… but at the end of the day, if you don’t look at your part , your responsiblity , then it’s just insanity.

And there is so much more to this.. Than just a head scarf . To that woman, to that head scarf.

It doesn’t matter what I believe , I know that.

But I know that if I support Islam, I support millions of women being oppressed, I support millions of people being legally murdered, thousands of children being married, thousands of people being imprisoned , tortured, executed , I support thousands of people being killed for expressing themselves , I support thousands of people believing in a nightmare that doesn’t exist, I support things I do not believe in. I can not believe in.

So I can not.