Pieces of me

Fallen now

I walked away

And into the iniquitous swath I’ve run

I elicit time

It’s not forgotten or disheveled nor does it obsess on dying late at night laying on my breast

It just holds my hand when I close my eyes

Crys and begs on it’s knees for me never to leave

And I won’t . I can’t. I don’t want to

Takes my clothes off before I can sit down

Scheldules winter in bed

It’s about time

Snow has fallen

The moments have slipped by

And yet I still know you

Never faded

We talked this morning and made love seconds ago

It breathes into my ear a laugh , the hotness of summer

A cockroach and dog shit

Climbing trees and frozen treats with no hope

The world collapsed on us and all I can think is

I’m the only one left

No memory exists except mine.

Only my story

Goddamanit I needed you to remember too

to believe me to see me to understand

One was winter

One was summer

And neither cared at all.

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