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I think of myself as a logical Green Party , 98% agree with Green Party agenda..but I don’t vote because I should vote.. I study things. I like to be logical.. I don’t identity politic. Just to identity politic.

But truly …leaning more towards the socialist agenda.

I find myself extremely relieved that most of our next generation demands a safe space.

Even though I too, resent the religious right , the conservative right, the red neck right , for various things, and disagree with them on most things. I have one in particular I do agree with most conservatives on, about Islam. Not Muslims. Islam.

I could argue why all day long .

But that’s not the point of anything.

People don’t know this, but in other countries, like in Europe, life isn’t a chore , it’s not miserable . Being happy, and stress-free is a priority. Their governments actually secure that for them. Their governments work for the people , they make life livable .. not the opposite . I believe that America can have that too, but we all have to want it. We all have to sacrifice those tiny opinions of ours we love so much. The welfare of the people as a whole has to come first. Not us as individuals.

None of my opinions are bigger than that ultimatum.

Here is where I lose my faith .. America is notoriously selfish. Americans are notoriously selfish.

I am more than willing to hand over everything to the millennials. Take it all. Make it better.

People , for some reason , treat their opinions like Crown Jewels. They don’t even care that for the good of the group, the welfare of us all , we have to sacrifice some of those stupid opinions ..that don’t really matter..

I know , not a lot of people agree with me on that.

They don’t want everyone to be ok. I can’t understand that.

Why? Because ultimately , for me , love wins for me. If I really have to pick , between everything , I pick love. I pick kindness. I pick compassion. I pick life.

Don’t you?

Don’t get me wrong.. I don’t hate the republicans , I don’t. Most of my favorite people , I mean , politically almost all of my friends fall into the left category. I have some people I love that are republicans too.

It’s crazy how today, being a republican is a whole personality, right ?

I only know a few true Old republicans .. straight conservative rights . Real people that really believe in all that shit.

The conservative right , like I said, is just sort of a dying breed.

Thank the Goddess.

I’m really glad about that.

I can’t wait to see what my daughters generation does to this country.

Of course, the ultra wealthy, like Trump, will always exist .. those pernicious 1%ers.. the ones that are raised by round the clock nannies, eat food made by professional chefs. Go to Boarding Schools in Switzerland when they turn 5. Have ten different houses to pick from. Credit cards without limits when they’re 15.

They’re basically aliens.

They will never have a conversation with someone who isn’t like them , that isn’t working for them. They wont ever experience the world like everyone else does , they will grow up being able to believe that the less wealthy are a disease. That poverty is a moral disease. The face of the people will never be understood , nor related to. Or seen.

The way America is designed , the 1% could very well remain in power long after my death.

Unless we revolt.

We get enough people on the same page. We create an overwhelming majority — and that’s where my hope for the millennials comes in. They just might be able to accomplish that.

We will always have the south to contend with.. those freak show hunters who love Jesus and big trucks.

I’m hoping we find a way to secede with them.. just make that shit hole its own country. .annex that motherfucker.

I watch my daughter become politically aware with all her shiny idealism, energy of the innocent,

That is my consolation prize.

All of ours really.

Those grumpy ass conservative right fuck heads will be powerless to stop them..

You know I love the movies.

I love the movies because it’s really the only place that the good guys win. It's the only time I get to see what I always wanted to believe , that the good guys always win and the bad guys get what’s coming to them.

Even my favorite show, Game of Thrones, we just got to experience the very first season, where the good guys are starting to win. We suffered through five seasons of heartbreak and pain.. at times so hard to watch. Why? Because it was so fucking realistic right?

I loved that too, seeing more of what life is like , but that feeling is nothing compared to the one I got when Jon Snow finally beat the living shit out of Ramsey.

I mean, I cried during Battle of the Bastards, like three fucking times.


Even though I love to watch good guys win, I know , in real life, good guys don’t win. Because good guys won't lie. Don’t cheat. They play fair. You can trust in them to do the right and fair thing.

What does that translate to?

The bad guys win.

Real world politics.

That is what we experienced more than ever with this last election, right?

Even the people that voted for Trump, knew they were voting for the bad guy.

That’s it .. right there.

That is what has actually changed.

Americans aren’t voting for the good guys anymore.

And that’s everywhere.

In Protests for Mike Brown, or Ray Rice. Every day crowds marched in front of the court house for O.J.

Americans now relate more with the “bad guy”

I remember when the film of Ray Rice knocking his girlfriend out cold came out and the crowds of hundreds , thousands of football fans , who were protesting his punishment marched outside.

Same people who voted for trump I am sure.

We lost our morality , didn’t we?

What the fuck is wrong with us, right?

How did we not elect Bernie Sanders ??

You know I actually talked to people who said they wouldn’t vote for him because what he said was too good to be true and they knew that he wouldn’t be able to do it.

Which is ironic because people didn’t have any problems believing in a wall around the Mexican border. Or a ban on Muslims from terrorist countries. Or a better tax plan from a guy who hasn’t paid taxes in 20 years.

I will tell you why I didn’t vote for Hilary. Yes, yes, I regret it hugely now.

If it makes you feel better, I didn’t vote for trump either .

I couldn’t bring myself to vote for her.


Because I loved Sanders. I loved him so much. He was the first man running for president that I truly admired and respected and wanted so badly to win. I cried when he lost. He was the first candidate for president of the USA that I actually voted for. Not against.

He was my generations JFK.

He was finally a good guy I could believe in. I trusted.

I felt like Hilary really played dirty with him. She took off the gloves to get the primary , she used tactics that he wouldn’t use. She played dirty .. and she made Sanders lose.

Maybe that isn’t the ultimate truth. But realizing that my fellow Americans were not willing to vote for him, was too heartbreaking for me to face. It was probably the biggest sense of betrayal I’ve felt in years. I was beyond disappointed.

I was hopeless.

Because of that, I could not bring myself to vote for her. I just couldn’t play by those rules or lack of them. I couldn’t bring myself to surrender my vote .. not to her.

Where Hilary went wrong for me, is by not respecting the race, by not respecting her competition. By actively trying to wipe him out. Trying to fuck with the system. Trying to cheat the system.

If she had treated the race and Sanders like the integrity of the country depended on it, I could’ve voted for her.

Ultimately, money won again.

In America, money always wins, right?

I’m so sick of that.

So I didn’t vote.

And trump won.

I know he won because of the millions of people exactly like me. Who became so disenchanted with the entire system after Sanders lost, that we couldn’t get up off the couch to go and vote for what we knew was a better choice , ultimately.

At the time it was an act of vengeance

See mother fuckers, what happens when you don’t vote for who you’re supposed to vote for?

Trump happens.

And I think all of us knew deep down inside that Trump would worsen the nightmare , maybe he would finally wake you assholes up. Maybe you will finally see what we know , after four years of Trump. Maybe you will begin to understand what we have always known too. That none of you are really qualified to decide. None of you know what the fuck is going on, or how to fix it..

In four years we imagine you staring at yourself in the mirror and hating yourself. Berating your choices. Condemning your ignorance.

Shutting up for once , in years , to actually hear us.

Listening .

Yeah so that is my wet dream for the future .. that the half of America who watches Honey Boo Boo and the Walking Dead or the Kardashains more than the news every week , shuts up and starts to listen.

Obviously I can’t expect too much. These people are never going to do any sort of investigation or study into their problems or solutions.. ( that’s also why they’re so easily manipulated ) but they might just become so disenchanted that they shut up and listen to the people they never have wanted to before. The people they made fun of.

Maybe by that time we can start a revolution .. maybe we will have some real unity , some real discouragement, and anger.

Maybe this will be the last time that some rich guy takes advantage of us.

Its been sooo long. So long just being the bitch bent over .. watching the plutocrats fuck us without any lube.

Are we done yet?

I mean this habit of ours goes way back.

The civil war? What, you think that was for … who? Only 4% of white Americans owned slaves. Had enough money to own them. Yet , even back then, we were the ones risking our lives and doing the dirty work for the wealthy agenda. We got nothing except tragedy and heartbreak out of that.

Maybe it’s systemic denial.

We have made so many poor choices and have just continued to ask them to fuck us in the ass. We wont stop believing them. We buy whatever they sell. Every time.

Maybe it’s our pride .. not letting us see.

I mean do you really think it’s a coincidence, that what is considered a more patriotic stance on the issues , the red neck, work hard, don’t give us free shit or change anything stance is directly in line with the wealthy agendas? I mean it makes their jobs easy. They don’t even have to convince us, if we believe that.

If we believe that horse shit, we are making the rich richer and the poor poorer. Exactly what they want us to believe.

Where did we get that idea, anyways ? The stigma about patriotism being this hard line , stop being a pussy, no one gets free shit, no one gets better, work hard and you’ll be rich, but ultimately we are all poor and getting worse.

I can’t tell you the glee I experienced seeing the dismay on the faces of Trump Voters when they realized they were losing their health care. When it dawned on them that hating Obama care just because Obama created it and all the old patriots waged war on it, didn’t make sense in the real world. When they finally got it that Obama care was a good thing.

And here it was- reality-

They didn’t even know what they were hating.

Same story, different year.

They don’t know what they are hating and consequently , don’t know what they are liking either ..

All you assholes that wanted Trump, you talk so much shit. You talk shit about guns, about freedom of speech, about the constitution ,

What did trump do his first day of President ?

He shut every government scientific and environmental agency off from social media. Yep. That’s right .. they’re banned.

He opened up the pipelines. Just like a good businessman, not giving a shit about our precious Mother Earth. No one needs to know about how he is hurting the environment .. no one needs to know about climate change.

Congratulations, American patriots. You’ve just become communist and can now tell yourselves that you’re in line with some other stellar countries on environmental issues. Countries like India, Chad, Uganda. Mexico.


You are who you walk with. And we have now gone down the global ladder to connect with these great places on environmental issues.

As far as shutting down the agencies public communication? We have now joined ranks with places like Iran, Iraq ( pre Iraq war) Syria, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China.

No other modern, civilized, western country, censors its governmental agencies ..

And its only been two days.

Fuck man..

It’s darkest before the light .. we all know that, right ? It’s almost as if pain and suffering signal the beginning of change. Precursors to revolt.

I have been saying for years and I still say that Revolution won’t be possible in the USA till they take away our cable, and internet. You might not know it , but Tv and internet is your God. As long as you get to comfortably cocoon yourselves in, and create whatever worlds you want to in your head, you won’t do a fucking thing , really. You’ll always have the tv and internet to soften the blow. To make it all go away.

One day, we will need to leave our living rooms , to turn off the tv, to shut off the internet , to effect change. One day, we will need to want better for everyone , not just ourselves to effect any kind of change. One day we will have to care about how our neighbors are living to effect change. One day, we will have to stop thinking of ourselves ..

It will be a revolution of compassion. Of awareness. Of action.

In this I hope.

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