If I consider it purely as a function of being a human animal, self-awareness in THIS day and age seems like a design flaw. Because of it we can be prejudiced, arrogant, and depressed.
Well, yeah, if you want to bring, like, science into it, sure.
Oliver “Shiny” Blakemore

Really? I disagree. I think the less self aware are more prejudiced , and arrogant. Depression probably shouldn’t have been thrown into the bin with those two other adjectives.

That’s been proven . The least educated also are the most prejudiced, and it’s really the arrogance of ignorance that you’re referring to. Arrogance is often mistaken..

Someone can want to kill themselves or hate themselves and be highly arrogant.

As can the overly polite and politically correct.

Self awareness is the opposite of instinctual thinking. Hormone driven urges and reactions.

Killing a bear was mainly driven by instinct. Flooded with hormones we killed to stay alive.

Self awareness is the journey into responsibility, and accountability and into our fears, and dishonesty. Our selfishness and the myriad of self seeking behaviors that propel us into the world. It is the awareness of our ego, and it’s many ( listed) manifestations and how it blocks our connection to the spiritual, or the soul, the unknown , or our authentic self without all the character defects that are born from fear.

Self awareness is a journey into abstract thinking , has the least to do with manipulative tactics and planning or strategy.

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