Donna Hylton, a woman who spent time in prison for participating in the kidnapping, rape, murder, and ransoming of a gay man, spoke at the Women’s March as an advocate for women of color,” as Melissa Mackenzie reported last week.
A Synonym for Insanity
Robert Stacy McCain

She is black and gay.


She can do nooo wrong in the eyes of the far left activist progressive liberal what have you.

I am Green Party all the way. Pretty left leaning in policy, I favor a socialist change ..

And I 100000 to the 100000th power relate to this.




It is also why trump won.

The left has gone pretty much bat shit insane with their feelings matter more than facts thing ..

Sure the conservative right has also left the building,, but at least they don’t protest during rush hour on freeways.

And I 100% believe that left minded people are just generally more knowledgeable and know more than the average republican . Most people who claim to be republican and right if they are not Christians , have really no idea why they are those things. If they’re not just following in mom and dad’s footsteps , it’s usually just a hyper reaction to what they consider the left. An act of defiance, more like.

That stay out of everyone’s way which is key , if you don’t want people to hate you.

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