Thank you!

She knows what she is doing. One of my daughters started running amuck and I told her

“ I’m gonna force you to make positive choices.”

Because at times that’s what we have to do as parents , for our child’s sake. Not because we are assholes. Because we love you. Because when a parent loves a kid that much, they force them to make positive choices. With everything they got.

I did. I liked your post.

I loved that you had the strength to forge your path, and be who you are. I love to see it. The love of learning. Books. Education.

The love of positive choices, that honor you as a man.

Not only are you honoring yourself when you do that, you are honoring all of us. Humanity. We all do when we contribute to the positive , to the considerate, to the love of ourselves.

I love to see it.

What a strong man you are. Not to succumb to the easier softer road. It’s easier to be one of the herd. Not easy to be a Shepard.

Hats off.

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