So did everyone see and or hear about that Olympic Swimmers lies about being robbed ? I’m surprised I haven’t seen more outrage. In America.

He told this elaborate tale of being apprehended by police and robbed. On national TV. His story was broadcast around the world.

He is really good looking. Appeared to be of average intelligence and be really confident in his story.

It just so happened that the entire incident was videotaped.

And that he had lied, I mean , completely fabricated the entire story.

Just for fun it appeared.

It’s almost awe inspiring to see a Narcissist / Psychopath at work. Isn’t it? Do you have any idea how little soul it takes, to do what he did? How little concern for people? How little respect he has for people?

It’s crazy, isn’t it?

Here is this man, who is an Olympic swimmer, he is really good looking, he is wealthy. Educated. Most women would consider him a dream to date and or marry. He has everything anyone could want. Or could get it.

And yet he lies like a serial killer on TV, and no one really cares.

I’m not sure if anyone really thinks that lying like that, is a big deal anymore. Of if it ever was.

I can’t decide what is more frightening. The lie or the fact that someone that disturbed has made it to the apex of society. Is considered the alpha male , the champion, and the man we should all look up to.

He defines success in America today.

Isn’t it sad that someone so admired still has the need to squash people like bugs? To abuse his power. That’s exactly what it is. Lying like that. It’s a power trip.

Is it that normal to tell random lies that hurt people for no reason?

Why? Because it looks good of course.

He looks good doing it.

Because we respect things that don’t make someone an honest person.

I thought that if this were a rational society, this athlete, this liar , he would be shunned. Banned in the least.

But he won’t be.

It’s just a small blip on his radar.

To me that is just insane.

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